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 Verdi GLITSCH November 18, 2014
By Antje Weber (Naples, FL) -- See All My Reviews
Sorry but....listening to the absolutely sublime voices of the 60's+ was blissful until the cd's started slipping/wobbling and distorting the sound. This was not the case with the Deutache Grammophone disk set of Le Nozze. Pls be aware there must be a quality problem. The price was just too good to be true? It was not my cd player because all other cd's played aound fine. Report Abuse

 Wonderful Selections, Performances and Sound April 24, 2013
By Donald S. (Denver, CO) -- See All My Reviews
Great value.Booklet includes 60 Second Overview synopsis, Listings of all songs and performers. Well done! Report Abuse

 great April 18, 2013
By paul T. -- See All My Reviews
fantastic cd paul t Report Abuse

 World's Greatest April 13, 2013
By Robert Mackall (Buxton, NC) -- See All My Reviews
World's Greatest Operas - World's Greatest Opera Composer - World's Greatest Live Performances - World's Greatest Price: if you prefer live performance with quirky live performance sounds from the audience, movement on stage, sometimes prompters prompting, and sometimes peculiar microphone placement. An Adventure for seasoned opera lovers not to be missed. I loved every moment of it. Report Abuse

 Hig value but ------ April 12, 2013
By Donald Kerr (CATAULA, GA) -- See All My Reviews
I bought all three of these great value offers. The lack of libretti is a nuisance to a non German, French, Italian speaker. The synopses provided were marginally useful. The live recordings compensated greatly for a recording quality that left something to be desired on my hi end system. In the end however they have given great enjoyment as sporadic listening around the house. This is not a put down. Value given was great.Donald Kerr Report Abuse

 wonderful April 12, 2013
By Gregory F. (WILTON MANORS, FL) -- See All My Reviews
Great performances! Great memories of the Met in the 60's Report Abuse

 The Essense of Verdi July 17, 2012
By J. DOKSANSKY (FREMONT, NE) -- See All My Reviews
Although three quarter time, and six-eight time made other composers famous, Verdi mastered its use to express emotion beyond what most others did. This collection of Verdi's music flows from one emotion to another in a smooth manner without the interruption of dialoge. After one is moved by these emotions, one does not miss the dialoge. This album is a must for collectors seeking examples of all composers. Report Abuse

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