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 Just listenable for hours on end! September 16, 2016
By Roger Crane (Wolcott, NY) -- See All My Reviews
"Whenever Rachel Podger records, especially with the Brecon Baroque in an open spaced Catheral setting, we are in for a musical SACD of brilliance and an openness that pleases. On a medium to high end audio system, Jared Sacks is there to record every nuance of the performance. I believe that all of these top echelon human beings bring about a miraculous recording. All and each, the ultimate in their respective fields. They even go so far as to use van den Hul cables for use of their recording techniques. Again, with the unconstructed early sixteenth century violin played by the ultimate perfectionist in her field, Rachel Podger won't disappoint. She never does. 10 for performance/10 for recording. Every second is excellence. Report Abuse

 A New Standard March 6, 2016
By N. Crawford (Steilacoom, WA) -- See All My Reviews
This is not a technical response to this offering...If you are a Vivaldi fan, you are in for a new treat! There is nothing I can say to express the quality of not only the artistic prowess but also the production values demonstrated in this collection. This is simply superb. Podger is a revelation. I am currently updating some of my Bach, to include the versions now finished by Podger and her talented collective. The approach and execution are as if this music had not been played before: its that good! Report Abuse

 Aother Vivaldi Work Enlivend by Podger August 19, 2015
By Archibald S. (Boulder, CO) -- See All My Reviews
This is a fast paced, dynamic performance of Vivaldi' collection of concertos for stringed instruments. There is plenty of treble energy here. The concertos are not quite as outstanding musically as those in La Stravaganza, but there is more variety. The performance is similar in feeling to Podger's 2003 recording of La Stravaganza. For comparison I played the 1981 LP recording of L'estro Armonica by Christopher Hogwood and The Academy of Ancient Music. This is a more relaxed and nuanced performance of the concertos. For example, a difference in feeling between the major and minor key concertos, as well as in the pacing between allegros and adagios, is more apparent. The cello parts comes through more clearly. The contrast between the two recordings is quite enlightening. I played the SACD stereo layer of L'Estro Armonico only, which has excellent sound. Report Abuse

 Delightful August 7, 2015
By Bruce Wright (Los Angeles, CA) -- See All My Reviews
I bought this because Rachel Podger's recording of the Bach solo violin partitas and sonatas is one of my five top go-to recordings - especially in the morning. I was afraid the Vivaldi might not live up to the same standard of solo intimacy, vivacity and contemplation. Not to fear! Her slippery ornaments, the purling of the continuo, the dancing movement of it all give me the same kind of thrill that deepens with every listening. Report Abuse

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