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 If you like Tchaikovsy, this is one to add to you November 26, 2013
By Jean M. (Oakland, CA) -- See All My Reviews
All on this CD were not familiar to me, but glad that I picked it bo add to my collection. Report Abuse

 A Novelty + an Old Favorite November 23, 2013
By Reginald Jones (Hamilton, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I failed to get this recreation of a Tchaikovsky symphony when it came ou on LP. Now I have it. Although the composer made the right choice in abandoning the work and using some of its better ideas elsewhere, it's still fun to hear. As for the Rococo Variations, it should be in every music lover's library. And this is one of the best performances to have. Good 1960s sound. Report Abuse

 Unforgettable November 4, 2013
By E. Barnes (Herndon, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I first found this recording of the Seventh in a bargain bin of old LPs a few years back, and playing it brought back memories of when it was first released and played on the local classical station. Having now purchased the CD from Arkiv I’m again overjoyed to hear the sumptuous harmonies and the vigorous tempi. When Ormandy was good he was very very good, and this is the man at his best. While in St. Petersburg I visited Tchaikovsky’s grave, strewn with flowers even today, and it brought tears to my eyes. Then, while taking a river cruise to northern Russia, after stopping at a monastery where Tchaikovsky spent some time, as we departed the cruise director played the second movement of the Winter Dreams Symphony over the PA system, and we were all moved. Now I feel I’ve come full circle on again hearing this work Tchaikovsky found so difficult to complete. Some composers can’t help but be larger than life, and Piotr Ilyich must be numbered among the largest. Report Abuse

 A treat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 9, 2013
By Stanley K. (St Charles, IL) -- See All My Reviews
My college roommate introduced this piece to me back in the 60's and I immediately took to it, It has smooth melodies, fire and some over the top flourishes. I had never seen a cd of it until I came across and found it was most affordable and every bit as good as I remembered. Get this symphony and enjoy! Report Abuse

 Wonderful job of remastering! February 12, 2013
By Stephen Fleischer (Marco Island, FL) -- See All My Reviews
First, let me correct the name of the reviewer. This account went through PayPal which is in my husband's name, Stephen. I am Barbara Fleischer, the audiophile in the family. I have a huge collection of music dating back to the 50s - Albeniz to Wagner; The Beatles to Van Halen. I can't recall when I first purchased the first LP of Tchaikovsky's 7th; it was after hearing it on a classical music station in Boston from which I hail. This recording became so worn that I had to replace it. That was sometime in the 70's, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have always loved this piece. Its lush orchestration and gorgeous melodies never fail to move me. Needless to say, my second LP is also worn to the point that it' no longer a pleaure to listen to. I was delighted to find this CD. I truly miss Eugene Ormandy, one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century. I was privileged to hear him conduct live in Ann Arbor at U of M's Hill Auditorium. That was nearly 40 years ago and I'll never forget it. The finale was the Prologue to Boito's Mephistopheles, complete with chorus. It raised every hair on my body! I have loaded the Tchai. 7 onto my iPod and love to listen to it at volume levels of my choosing. The 2nd movement brings me to tears. Thank you so much for making this remarkable recording available. Barbara Fleischer Report Abuse

 Finally after searching for years December 17, 2012
By P. VAN DER NEUT (HOOFDDORP, Noord-Holland) -- See All My Reviews
I've looked a lot to find this recording on CD, after buying it years ago as an LP. And finally found it for a very acceptable price at Arkivmusic (especially for such a rare and special recording). And forgive me, but compared to the extreme price at for the same CD, this is a bargain! The quality for this recording is great, the sound is clear and crisp, nothing wrong at all! Of course puritans will not like the idea of this “unfinished” Tchaikovsky symphony. But, just listen to this music and you will find Tchaikovsky written all over it. The Philadelphia Orchestra with Ormandy made a world premier with this recording and in my eyes (and ears) more than 50 years later, this recording still is a Master Piece of music, that honours Tchaikovsky from the first to the last note. Just listen, enjoy and admire Ormandy, the PO and Tchaikovsky. Report Abuse

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