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 Wonderful! December 25, 2014
By D. Collins (Saline, MI) -- See All My Reviews
This is a wonderful holiday CD. I have been playing it all season! It is especially nice in the evening and is very calming. Highly recommend! Report Abuse

 Completely Charming December 19, 2014
By bess holloway (Boulder, CO) -- See All My Reviews
I wish this had been around when I was a child. How lovely it would have been to hear it on Christmas Eve just before bedtime. It's the perfect gift for a reflection of the holiday's true meaning. Report Abuse

 Christmas Harp January 10, 2014
By Edwin C. (Santa Barbara, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Just as the title says, "Beautiful Christmas Melodies." Sensitive arrangements played beautifully. Report Abuse

 Lovely! December 27, 2012
By Joan W. (Gaithersburg, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I heard a tidbit of this CD on my local classical station, and knew I wanted it in my collection. Shinozaki does a beautiful job of bringing the peace and tranquility of the season to popular songs and carols. I have it in my car CD player - and it calms me even in the worst traffic and weather during the season! Report Abuse

 Very unique harp seasonal music December 24, 2011
By Joe W. (Arlington, VA) -- See All My Reviews
I've always hated holiday music sung by pop stars, such as Springsteen (who is definately NOT the "boss" in my book). Holiday music should be played and sung by people with real voices and on real instruments; not this artificial stuff which never existed in steal life and sounds so unreal. Holiday music done in the classical music tradition is music that really existed in real time. Ayako's harp playing is so perfect; the sound, the acoustics, the amount of balance between simplicity and orchestration (not trying to overdo it), tempo, etc. is just PERFECT. His playing, his simplicity, and his choice of which carols to combine is incredible. It gives this CD such a warmth to it that you think the was playing just for you. You can listen to this CD a thousand times, and never tire of it. By the way, I'm not a Christian. But there must be a God to create music as beautiful as this and have it played to perfectly. Report Abuse

 CHRISTMAS HARP December 22, 2011
By Mary M. (Middletown, OH) -- See All My Reviews
My husband and I just heard selections from this album on WGUC in Cincinnati, Ohio. Good harp music, classically played, is so very hard to find. This was a wonderful collection of Christmas Carols and music and we greatly enjoyed what we heard. I have just ordered the CD from the WGUC site and look forward to receiving it. Report Abuse

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