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 Good April 17, 2012
By KAREN W. (WINDSOR HEIGHTS, IA) -- See All My Reviews
...but not great. I love the Russian composers, but I was not that fond of the choral works. Report Abuse

 Take me Away April 3, 2012
By Gail Apfel (Yonkers, NY) -- See All My Reviews
I am so pleased A Russian Weekend. It is everything I expected, and more. If music can be soothing and exciting at the same time, this is it. So happy to listen to it while driving. Glad I bought it. Report Abuse

 A Russian Weekend in Review April 3, 2012
By Michael Nystrom (Aloha, OR) -- See All My Reviews
There are some exciting Russian pieces on this CD...many are very familiar, and some are not. I strongly laud the choices for the first and last works on the CD: Sabre Dance at the beginning, and The Great Gate of Kiev at the end. Thirteen selections are featured, and no two of them are by the same composer, so the CD offers a very good variety of styles and genres. Some works have vocal parts; some make great use of percussion instruments to provide volume and excitement; some are quieter and more peaceful. Variety! For those who love Russian music in a variety of forms, styles, moods...whatever your taste...this CD is for you! Report Abuse

 Russian Weekend April 3, 2012
By Henry Federman (Tillson , NY) -- See All My Reviews
Most of the pieces of music,I knew them,some of them I didn't, but overall it's a nice CD if you like Russian music! Report Abuse

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