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 Gems December 29, 2013
By Dolores C. (Norristown, PA) -- See All My Reviews
Every one of these works is a miracle! Report Abuse

 Glorious Music! September 13, 2013
By E. Thomas (Blue Bell, PA) -- See All My Reviews
I have long been an admirer of Romeo Cascarino's work. But this past week I was reminded again, when Blades of Grass was aired on WRTI, that we are hardly ever treated to his music. The lushness and beauty and intelligence with which Cascarino constructs his orchestral works penetrate deep into the soul. Much of it is haunting - and all of it is beautiful. This overlooked artist's music should be given much more attention. Here's hoping Yanik Nezet-Seguin will see fit to organize a resurrection as soon as possible! Report Abuse

 Rapturous Music. Cascarino is a genius January 14, 2013
By James Gall -- See All My Reviews
The most moving and deep music to enrapture my living soul. Where is the rest of his. Music. Forget Copeland, Barber, etc. this man is one of the greatest composers ever to walk on our planet. Controlled and binding, this album moved me like only Rachmaninoff and Frank Bridge (British Composer) can. Sensational music composition. Report Abuse

 Masterpieces of a 20th Century August 7, 2012
By Anton Fomin (DEVON, PA) -- See All My Reviews
The first time I heard music of Romeo Cascarino was not until about five or six years ago. That was my first year living in a state of Pennsylvania. While driving a car, I turned on my favorite radio station WRTI and, suddenly, I heard the music that immediately caught my attention: I was startled by its complexity, passion, depth, and extreme beauty. I tried to guess, who the composer was by the style of a composition. Was it Respighi? Barber? Vaughan Williams? This music had some reminiscence of those composers’ styles, but at the same time it was very unique and distinctive. Finally, after the piece was over, it was announced that the recording of “Portrait of Galatea” by Romeo Cascarino was just played. I got very curious and bought the CD of Romeo Cascarino’s symphonic works. I have been listening to this CD a lot since. As an immigrant from Europe, I perceive his music as an ultimate expression of American spirit, equal to that of Ives, Barber, Emerson, and Walt Whitman. Profound wisdom and romantic sensibility are the strongest features of these 20th century masterpieces. In this time of many false, artificial values and social and political confusion, this music helps to come back to the roots of human existence and realize the importance of pure life experience, wholesome and natural.

As a classical pianist myself, I felt compelled to get more familiar with Romeo Cascarino’s style as a performer, so I was thrilled, when I was offered to accompany a solo vocal recital of a Professor of Immaculata University Dolores Cascarino (a wife of a composer). I was especially honored to have a chance to perform with her Romeo Cascarino’s song cycle “Pathways of Love”, the same one that she recorded years ago with her husband accompanying her. It was a great experience, which helped me to feel this music from inside out. I realized that composer was a wonderful pianist himself. He deeply understood the nature of the piano and was able to express his own distinct and original voice through this work. I felt deeply enriched by being able to experience a wonderful world of musical ideas of Romeo Cascarino.
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 Romeo Cascarino-American Genius Shines Brightly August 2, 2012
By Frank Leone (Las Vegas, NV) -- See All My Reviews
It would at first seem curious that a single CD only would hold the lifetime orchestral creations of Romeo Cascarino, by equation therefore, indicating a rather small output. However, listening to these works reveals the reason why——the highest degree of creative selectivity is present in these works. Each composition is a gem, reflecting the universal quest of all Art, to achieve inevitability of the idea within a work, resulting in the creation of absolute order in an area of spiritual exertion. Cascarino has achieved this in these works through his unique lyricism, fresh harmonies convincingly sure, accessible, and never arbitrary, and colored by the palette of a dazzling master of orchestration. All these characteristics are perfectly illustrated in his “Acadian Land,” which deserves to be in the repertoire of every great orchestra. With all masterpieces of genius, repeated listening rewards more and more. Every work on this disc is a masterpiece!
Frank Leone, President-Musicians Union of Las Vegas, Local 369, AFM

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 Exceptional ! July 16, 2012
By Chloe  -- See All My Reviews
I was delighted to discover these gems by a fellow Philadelphian!
Mr. Cascarino's beautiful compositions truly moved me and I highly redommend this CD. My question would be ...why did we not hear of him during his lifetime?
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 American Classics, INDEED! July 15, 2012
By Timothy McDonnell -- See All My Reviews
Romeo Cascarino's orchestral works represent a lost world of American music. While many composers were toiling in the pedantic academic style that absorbed so much of the 20th Century, Cascarino spent a career writing music that served only his compulsion to give breath to his uniquely American voice. The notion of American lyricism is largely associated with composers like Barber, Menotti, and Copland, but this album ably demonstrates that Cascarino achieves a wealth of melodic invention, contrapuntal craftsmanship, and harmonic depth that makes much of their output seem facile. It goes without saying that Cascarino's oeuvre has been long overlooked, and this album is testimony to a charm and eloquence that not only should endure, but flourish. Report Abuse

 Bravo, Naxos July 14, 2012
By carson rothrock (las vegas, NV) -- See All My Reviews
Another musical adventure into sonorous music that many have missed. The jacket notes make it a completely enjoyable addition to my library of new music. Report Abuse

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