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 Short cd's March 11, 2017
By Daniel P. (North Street, MI) -- See All My Reviews
Having fully enjoyed Vol, 1 I ordered Vol 2 expecting more of the same. What was the same was the level of performances, the quality of the recordings and impressive packaging and comprehensive notes. What was disappointing was unlike Vol 1, they did not combine several different original LPs to compliment and fill out the longer playing time of a CD. There are many, and I repeat many CDs that only play for 25-35 minutes. There are operas broken down into 4-5 CDs that could have been on half that many, or same artist/composer cycles on 3-4 different CDs that could have been combined. Not only do you get much less music with these 60 discs , but it's very annoying having to change discs in that short length of time. With that I believe this set is overpriced and a disappointment after the high standards set by Vol 1. Report Abuse

 RCA Living Stereo Collection Vol. Two October 4, 2014
By Kenneth Wene (Mechanicsville, VA) -- See All My Reviews
The remastering is excellent, captures all of the detail. I grew up with many of these recordings, remember when they were released. It's a pleasure to hear them again in such high definition. Report Abuse

 Wonderful Natural Sound August 31, 2014
By Bruce Boss (Grass Valley, CA) -- See All My Reviews
When you buy either Box I or II of the RCA Living Stereo collection you are buying into some of the most wonderful sounding recordings of the "Golden Age" of Stereo that started in 1958 and produced some of the best sounding recordings you will ever hear. It is only recently that sound engineers and CD equipment designers have been able to design equipment that makes CD's that justify making the LP's from the golden age into CD's and also it is only since the year 1995 that you could buy CD's that had the rich sounds we came to expect in the 1960's. Techniques like upsampling and great digital filtering have come a long way to making CD's sound "good." This has made it possible to hear the Living Stereo collection today almost as it sounded on LP's 50 years ago. I have a Marantz $1,000 CD player that I feel justifies the expense. Too many people think that all CD players sound the same. That is so terrible. The only drawback from these Living Stereo Boxes is that you commit yourself to a specific interpretation, but fortunately, most of these are memorable. Report Abuse

 Great Classical Performances July 7, 2014
By Milton U. (Greeley, CO) -- See All My Reviews
This remastered collection of the Classic RCA Red Seal recordings is an excellent cross section of several excellent performers with a wide variety of musical genres. The individual recordings are well organized and easy to locate. A book of liner notes are included rather than trying to reproduce the notes from the original recording jackets. If there were any shortcoming from the collection I might have two minor complaints. The collection is an exact duplication of the original phonograph LPs so that the disks are generally short in length. Secondly, my preference would have been to have the two volume sets contain similar classes of music by style (ie opera, symphonic, solo instruments). Thus lovers of one style in preference could select the set which they might prefer Report Abuse

 Notes on the listed recordings May 19, 2014
By Robert Palmer (Madison, WI) -- See All My Reviews
The list of recordings included in Volume 2 has several errors. There is no recording of the "Death and the Maiden" Quartet. Instead of Charles Munch recordings of Beethoven's Eighth and Ninth Symphonies we have Fritz Reiner's recordings of Beethoven's First and Ninth Symphonies. The Reiner/CSO/Wagner disc does not contain any of the mono performances that are noted in the album listings. The Rubinstein Grieg Concerto with Encores is his stereo performance, not the mono performances that are listed. Report Abuse

 Fabulous Set, No Matter How Many Disks May 14, 2014
By Ellwood J Annaheim (Cheverly, MD) -- See All My Reviews
I could be wrong, but the purpose of releasing this set with so many disks was to preserve the integrity of the original disks' contents. It's a fabulous set, no matter how many Disks. Report Abuse

 As you said: what's up, RCA (or whoever you are n May 9, 2014
By A. Ames -- See All My Reviews
I endorse what the previous correspondent wrote: this kind of "sale" is totally cheezy. Whoever owns the RCA name should take a look at what other companies with remarkable back-catalogues are doing. The repertoire you've included is -- for the most part -- wonderful to see/hear again, but not at three times today's price per super-short playing time. I hope, at least, that you are paying royalties to the performers or their heirs! Report Abuse

 IS RCA kidding ? May 8, 2014
By Yves Beauchemin (North Troy, VT) -- See All My Reviews
I am not complaining about the technical or artistic quality of this RCA Living Stereo Collection, but about the commercial rapacity of their conceptors. Want an example ? Just at the beginning of the list of recordings, what do we see : 5 cds are needed for the five piano concertos of Beethoven ! 35 minutes per cd ! And the same goes on, I suppose, for the rest of the box. What is going on, buddy ? Are we returning to the long playing microgroove era ? The Byron Janis box of last year was produced with the same meanness. Cds, as anybody knows, can exceed 80 minutes of duration. These boys and girls at RCA are hoping that nostalgia will overcome good judgement for the old timers they are tryng to relieve of their money. Non merci ! Report Abuse

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