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 peace March 23, 2014
By Detlef Joerss (Mamaroneck, NY) -- See All My Reviews
A beautiful recording, brining peace and yet exitement! Report Abuse

 Thank you, Sisters for your inspiration! March 21, 2014
By Sister Monica S. (Atlantic Highlands, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
The Cloistered Benedictine Nuns in song are no secret to another Sister who is an Active Sister "outside the walls" so to speak! I am so proud of these cloistered women who through their gift of music bear witness to the beauty of the Art of Music. And in turn evoke attention to the Giver of all gifts, our Creator, who is Beauty, itself. The Chant is so peaceful and life-giving that I used this CD as an introduction to a day of prayer at my convent for a group of people in my parish here. Thank you, Nuns, for your inspiration! Report Abuse

 Angels siging? March 14, 2014
By Richard K. (Goshen, IN) -- See All My Reviews
Don't make the mistake of confusing the singing of the Benedictines of Mary with the singing of angels. But you can be forgiven for confusing the two. Report Abuse

 What were the Sound Engeneers Thinking!!! March 4, 2014
By Clifford H C. (Thompson, MB) -- See All My Reviews
Lent at Ephesus / Benedictines of Mary I am not at all happy with this disk. The production has such high gain it is almost as bad as a Pop Music CD.When I first put the CD in my Music System, I had to turn my volume to half its usual level. I could live with this, but then the sound actually starts clipping. It is remarkable that no other reviewer has mentioned this problem. I am absolutely appalled at Decca for releasing a Classical CD that has been so badly distorted the sound actually causes my inner ear to flutter. This wouldn't be a problem if I listened on a "crap" car stereo or through nasty ear buds on a IPod where the sound is dumb'd down to 128 Kbps. I have stopped purchasing Pop music because of this problem. This race for the loudest recording is appalling and is only hurts the music industry. By recording at such high gain levels the distortion is actually at the CD level and the Digital to Analog converters in CD/Blueray players will actually clip or squeeze the top notes and higher volume sounds. I have never heard of such high Peak Gain Levels (85-97%) on a classical music CD. For an example full on Bach with Timpani, Kettle Drums, Double choir going all out only registers a peak gain of 67%! I am deeply disappointed in this recording... especially that bad engineering and sound production have ruined some really fine performances by this group. Report Abuse

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