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 Phenomenal July 25, 2015
By Ronald W. (Gurnee, IL) -- See All My Reviews
Sounds like one pianist with twice as many fingers, plus the beauty of the music of Mozart. Selections are worthy of sitting quietly and just listening. Report Abuse

 A delightful treat February 6, 2015
By Jeannette B. (Scranton, PA) -- See All My Reviews
This presentation is so well done. It is comforting to listen to, and fill your mind with colorful, but peaceful sensations. Report Abuse

 BRAVO! February 6, 2015
By J. Richardson (Tewksbury, MA) -- See All My Reviews
I loved this happy blend of talent and skill. The music thrilled my heart. I would love to hear more from this terrific duo. Report Abuse

 Not For Me April 18, 2014
By Bryan Geyer (San Luis Obispo, CA) -- See All My Reviews
This was not what I expected; it's truly "pop market" stuff, and I trashed mine after a single play. Your tolerance may vary. Report Abuse

 Well played March 26, 2014
By John Johnson (Grandview, MO) -- See All My Reviews
Great addition to my meager collection. Some Mozart I never heard. The pianos were beautiful, exciting and well done. Thank you Report Abuse

 Believe the hype! March 25, 2014
By Kefyn Catley (Blaine, TN) -- See All My Reviews
Scintillating, joyous, exuberant, are some of the adjectives that come to mind on hearing this disc for the first time. Wonderful music, inspiring played (and arranged). If Anderson and Roe’s Ragtime alla Turca does not get you leaping out of your chair there is no hope. This is a disc for lovers of Mozart, exquisite playing and excellent recordings. I predict you will return to it many times. Report Abuse

 Awesome!! March 22, 2014
By Ariana L. -- See All My Reviews
I loved this album. Stunningly beautiful and fun to boot (Ragtime alla Turca is wild!). Report Abuse

 Un só pianistic meravello February 24, 2014
By Maria Luisa  Morato (Val d'Aran, Lleida) -- See All My Reviews
Comença amb uns autors de calitat i rellevança. El piano i el pianista meravellosos, orquestra a duc. Report Abuse

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