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 Great Performance June 30, 2014
By Henry S. (Springfield, VA) -- See All My Reviews
Here is a recording that should really fine favor with fans of Dmitry Shostakovich's often enigmatic music. Under Vasily Petrenko's direction, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra delivers an impressive performance of a powerful, 65 minute long symphony, written in the 1930's but first performed in the early 1960's. Most noteworthy is the orchestra's ability to transition quickly and seamlessly between the shifting moods of Shostakovich's multi-faceted score- deep introspection with soft, low strings, blaring tutti passages with heavy brass and percussion batteries, bitingly satirical musical statements featuring piccolos and flutes, and a subdued, ethereal conclusion featuring the celesta, perhaps to suggest a disembodied, shimmering, floating final thought. Make no mistake- this is not easy music to digest. There are simply too many ambiguities flowing from Shostakovich's pen. On the other hand, please rest assured that this giant 4th Symphony is well worth hearing, especially when it is performed by an orchestra as good as the RLPO. Recommended. Report Abuse

 Wonderful performance andrecording December 10, 2013
By Frank Paris (Happy Valley, OR) -- See All My Reviews
I have several recordings of this work and Shostakovich has always been one of my favorite composers and this symphony has gradually worked its way to the top of my preference by this composer. This interpretation is so "right on" and satisfying that it prompted me to eventually buy all my favorite Shostakovich symphonies performed by this group, in favorites order (the performance and recordings are uniformly excellent): 8th, 11th, 1st, 5th, 7th. They all have realistic dynamic range and Shostakovich is famous for going pppp to ffff. So you need perfectly quiet electronics and plenty of power. Report Abuse

 Stunning! November 29, 2013
By Kefyn Catley -- See All My Reviews
Continuing his Shostakovich cycle Petrenko’s recording of the 4th provides an insightful interpretation and a breathtaking performance presented in full vivid sound. Not surprisingly it was Gramophone’s record of the month November 2013. Get it! Report Abuse

 13 down, two to go November 26, 2013
By Lisa Ragsdale (Minneapolis, MN) -- See All My Reviews
With this latest addition to the complete Shostakovich Symphony cycle by Petrenko and Naxos, the only symphonies left to record are numbers 13 and 14. To paraphrase what a friend of mine once said: "Listening to (or performing) Shostakovich is like eating candy." And this performance and recording gets 5 stars for both the sonics and the excellence of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. I will admit I had to listen to this three times before I began to truly get into this lesser performed work. But it is every bit as good as, if not better than some of his later works. OK, so it does not end with a bang like the Fifth Symphony. But this ending is just as satisfying after all the places traveled during this work. If you like Shostakovich and don't know this work, grab this recording. You will not regret it. Report Abuse

 Intense Shostakovich November 26, 2013
By Joseph Lieber, MD (Great Neck, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Petrenko's superb Shostakovich cycle continues with the white hot Symphony number 4. The intensity and sonics are both there. The playing is excellent. At this price, even if you have other recordings of this work, this is one to get and enjoy. Report Abuse

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