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 Reiner Rules!!! May 1, 2015
By Anthony Ferrara (Grand Junction, CO) -- See All My Reviews
Simply, great performances and great sound. Charles Dickens would have even commented about this collection, saying: " It was the best of times!" Report Abuse

 A master from a by gone era April 29, 2015
By David Gilbert (North Caldwell, NJ) -- See All My Reviews
I already have about a dozen of the Red Label RCA Fritz Reiner recordings on CD; but the discounted price for this boxed set was just too good to pass up. These recordings are gems from a by gone era. The sound quality is quite good. Reiner's precision and umcompromising determination show quite clearly on these recordings. The CD's are all packaged in their paper cases with the reproduced album covers from the original LPs. The box with Reiner looking austere and confident with a gray/black background is a nice touch. The box itself is quite sturdy, probably the sturdiest box of any box set I have seen. So, the recordings are great; the box is great; and the picture of Reiner is great. Also, the booklet with all those wonderful pictures of Reiner and performers and the liner notes is a nice added touch. When this collection first came out, it sold out rather quickly; and I feared I would not have the opportunity to purchase it at a later date. But, lo and behold, I saw it reappear at ArkivMusic about a year later. "Ha," I said to the Fates, and I purchased it. Now, I am happy. Thank you, God. Report Abuse

 Needless to say..... January 8, 2014
By James M. (Lenox, MA) -- See All My Reviews
...I haven't managed to listen to all 63 CDs yet. As they have several times in the past, FedEx managed to deliver the set to the wrong address (I never had this problem with UPS) so I received it a week late. Each CD is in a thin cardboard sleeve that is a replica of the original LP. It's nice to see some of those LP covers again but the annotations, which are on the back, are the original LP annotations and many will require super-vision or a magnifying glass to read. Since the CDs duplicate the contents of the LPs, some, like the Cliburn/Reiner Beethoven 4th Concerto, are short. On the other hand, they aren't expensive so it evens out. I experienced two Reiner/CSO seasons when in college and had not heard many of the recordings when they were new so I couldn't resist purchasing this set. I doubt that there's a "bad" performance in it. The recording of "Nights in the Gardens of Spain," contrary to my hopes, isn't with Reiner--it's the Rubinstein/Jorda performance which is coupled here, as it was on the Reiner LP, with the Paganini Rhapsody. I often wonder why people buy these huge sets. If you're a fan of Rubinstein or Toscanini or some such musician, you may have half of the recordings already. Fortunately, I only had about 15 of these Reiner recordings on CD and expect to enjoy hearing the rest. Good sound, too. Report Abuse

 Reiner/CSO November 15, 2013
By S. Dale Loomis (Geneva, IL) -- See All My Reviews
A really spectacular set! One of the best box sets I have seen. Service and delivery was prompt and without any problem. Report Abuse

 20th Century Greatest Conductor November 8, 2013
By dale a muller (waterbury, CT) -- See All My Reviews
Thank you Sony for releasing this overdue set of Fritz Reiner`s recording`s! This Nov is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Reiner`s death The booklet is outstanding(only one error) the photo of rosiland Elias and Reiner, is Ri`se Stevens pictured with Reiner, from sessions of Bizet Carmen early 50`s. Also stated booklet, the Beethoven "Eroica" was issued in Japan in STEREO?? Why not HERE? I hope Sony sees fit to issues this recording in STEREO in USA. Other than that Outstanding box set. Thank`s again Dale Muller Report Abuse

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