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 CLASSY, FUN & SURPRISING September 4, 2014
By Hector C. (PHOENIX, AZ) -- See All My Reviews
Excellent review I wish I was around to have seen - someone please revive it! Lots of obscure Coward tunes (at least for me) along with recitations of scenes and monologues. I would KILL to direct a production of this. Still so funny and sharp. Recording is great and the packaging is lovely. Report Abuse

 Patricia Routledge is amazing! February 22, 2014
By Christopher Travers (SANTA MONICA, CA) -- See All My Reviews
Cowardy Custard is one of the more entertaining Noel Coward reviews. You can listen to it again and again and get something out of each hearing. (hearing?) The revelation is Patricia Routledge. She is one of the most talented performers to have ever graced this planet. Those of you who only know Hyacinth Bucket have A LOT to learn. (Seek out her "Not On Your Nellie" from DARLING OF THE DAY! Wow, wow, wow fellas!) Report Abuse

 On CD at last! January 22, 2014
By S. Nicholls (London, London) -- See All My Reviews
An excellent transfer of this long awaited cast album. Here's hoping for more releases of this theatrical nature from the RCA vaults: "Cole", "Ambassador", "The Young Visiters"..... Report Abuse

 Not the best Coward review... December 21, 2013
By G K Barranger (Covington, LA) -- See All My Reviews
There were two Noel Coward shows in the review format that hit the boards about the same time: this one and O Coward. Both were recorded and both had effectively the same numbers in them. of the two, O Coward was the better performed by far. In Cowardy Custard the performers push too hard and there is little underplaying, both earmarks of "The Master" himself. So if you want one or the other, my advice would be to go for O Coward. That said, Cowardy Custard has nicer cover art and there are a couple of pieces here that are not found on O Coward, so for the true fan, this recording is worth the effort; but be prepared to turn down the volume for much of it. And if you are considering performing in either show, O Coward is by far the better script. Garic Barranger Report Abuse

 Cowardy inclined?  December 14, 2013
By Dana Evans -- See All My Reviews
Then obtain for yourself this masterpiece recording of what must have been an ineffable live performance by classic personalities. Report Abuse

 Such wonderful memories ! December 10, 2013
By kevin p. (St Aubin Le Cloud, Deux-sevres) -- See All My Reviews
How much you treasure this totally depends on your love of Noel Coward. Personally I think this is a beautiful recording with a standout performance by Patricia Routledge who sings I Have Been To A Marvellous Party , this track alone is, in my humble opinion worth the price of the CD . Of course no one could quite capture the witty humour of many of these numbers like Noel himself but this hugely successful British review comes damn close ! Thank you so much for making it available on CD . Love it !! Report Abuse

 Totally faithful recording December 10, 2013
By Andrew Stainer-Smith (Okehampton, Devon) -- See All My Reviews
I saw the original Cowardy Custard Review at The Mermaid in 1972 whilst Noel Coward was still alive. I purcashed the double LP at the time and treasure that but it is very worn from student life and after. I tried to make a CD of it with a poor result so was delighted when this remastered CD came available. It is excellent quality, free of clicks and blemishes. Also it is recorded at a resonably high volume (that can be a limitation of quieter reproductions). Highlights are Nina from Argentina, Mad about the Boy and the British Raj. Also the soliloquies about the theatre and childhood are memorable. I don't believe it is available anywhere else. Many thanks from an Englishman. Report Abuse

 Fab Coward November 18, 2013
By soon o. (London, West Kensington) -- See All My Reviews
Been waiting a long time for the release on CD of Cowardy Custard, and was very please with it. Love the show when I first saw it at the Mermaid Theatre London, got the LPs and play it to death. Great to have it on CDs at last and great transfer to CD, well done ArkivMusic. Cheers... AAAAAA Report Abuse

 FINALLY!!! October 26, 2013
By PETER J. (SANTA MONICA , CA) -- See All My Reviews
One of my all-time favorite musical revues is finally out on CD. And what a treasure it is! The cast is varied and all superb. The choice of songs, quotes and even bits of reviews is impeccable. If you're a Noel fan ... or simply interested in finding out about the man ... things just don't get much better than this. Be prepared for a few tears, especially if you've ever stepped foot on a stage and "heard the curtain going up", and laugh after laugh after laugh. Plus, of course, all the classic Coward songs. So what are you waiting for? Why isn't this in your Buy Basket already? Go! Go! Go! Report Abuse

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