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 ***** October 28, 2013
By Janet P. (Coldstream, BC) -- See All My Reviews
Gorgeous - highly recommended! Report Abuse

 Rewarding Listening Experience October 16, 2013
By Robert Elden (New York, NY) -- See All My Reviews
This is my second Jonas Kaufmann aria compilation album and it is equally impressive. In my estimation, Mr. Kaufmann is that rare tenor that comes along only rarely. The heft, breadth and depth of his voice are quite exquisite. He can be both heroic and tender, as the passage requires, handling both with splendid artistic taste. To say that I've been bowled over by this listening experience is putting it mildly. Report Abuse

 Kaufman is wasting his time October 15, 2013
By John Olenik (Ballston Spa, NY) -- See All My Reviews
Jonas Kaufman has been spending his vocal capital in the Wagner repertoire, one would guess, because of the strength of his middle register and his muscular, heroic sound which suits Wagner. After listening to his Verdi album, again, one can only wonder why he has been wasting his time with other roles, and not entering verismo territory, to make maximum use of his incredible talent. Most of the Verdi tenor roles require passionate singing and ringing high notes which he can deliver in spades. His dark muscular sound takes Verdi roles to a different level, injecting warmth and pathos to the role, and never leaves the listener guessing if he will hit those exciting high notes which are unlike any other tenor on the circuit today. Kaufman is a real man's tenor, which makes you wonder why the Met has cast him in the wimpy role of Werther at the Met this year. This Verdi album is a must for high note freaks and for those who love the sound of a virile voice. One minor complaint is that Kaufman, while possessing a wonderful and caressing pianissimo, tends to use it too often in places not called for, which in contrast to the full voice, makes some arias seem a little unbalanced. A must for Verdi fans ! Report Abuse

 Unique Tenor for our Time ! October 15, 2013
By Joseph Erdeljac (West Chester, PA) -- See All My Reviews
In Kaufmann we have a unique vocal sound and style that sets him above other tenors today. His tone and interpretation are instantly recognizable like many of the great voices of the past century. Many of today's voices sound homogenous, but not Kaufmann. His timbre is so distinctive one recognizes him by hearing only a few notes. This recording offers a wide selection of Verdi hits with his unique and distinctive interpretation, leaving the listener completely satisfied and rewarded. Report Abuse

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