Christopher Gould

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No. 1. Prologue: Where are the seeds of the Universal Fire
Reading: The earth of my heart was broken and gaped low - Fanfare
No. 2. Song: We are the darkness in the heat of the day
Reading: In such a heat of the earth
Canticle III, Op. 55, "Still Falls the Rain - the Raids, 1940, Night and Dawn"
Reading: I see Christ's wounds weep in the Rose on the wall
No. 3. Epilogue: So, out of the dark
No. 1. At Day-close in November
No. 2. Midnight on the Great Western
No. 3. Wagtail and Baby
No. 4. The Little Old Table
No. 5. The Choirmaster's Burial
No. 6. Proud Songsters
No. 7. At the Railway Station, Upway
No. 8. Before Life and After
No. 1. A Riddle (The Earth)
No. 2. A Laddie's Sang
No. 3. Nightmare
No. 4. Black Day
No. 5. Bed-time
No. 6. Slaughter
No. 7. A Riddle (The Child You Were)
No. 8. The Lark Lad
No. 9. Who are these Children?
No. 10. Supper
No. 11. The Children
No. 12. The Auld Aik