Niels Viggo Bentzon


Born: August 24, 1919; Copenhagen, Denmark   Died: April 25, 2000  
One of the most prolific composers of the 20th century, Bentzen comes from a well recognized family in Danish music, the Hartmanns. Bentzon studied with jazz pianist Mathisen and later studied piano, theory and organ at the Copenhagen Conservatory. He has also worked in the visual arts; written poetry and some of the texts for his music; worked as a music critic, as a writer for a political newspaper; and published books ranging in topic from Read more Beethoven to 12-tone theory. His compositions are tonal but dissonant and are often improvisatory and freely constructed. He has written several symphonies, works for piano, string quartets and chamber music, the opera =Faust= and the music for five ballets. Read less
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