New York Festival of Song

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Bastianello: I. Aria: ?Up here...?
Bastianello: II. Arietta: ?A wedding party's aftermath...?
Bastianello: III. Trio: ?Life, life... so sad, so sad...?
Bastianello: IV. Aria: ?Wasted wine?, Duet: ?I am putting on my pants?
Bastianello: V. Quartet: ?Behold this maiden blushing?, Aria ?As is the custom of this town?
Bastianello: VI. Aria: ?The sun soon set?, Aria: ?Every month, I can find here here?
Bastianello: VII. Arietta: ?So he returned that very night?
Bastianello: VIII. Quartet: ?A toast ? to love?
Lucrezia: I. Introduction
Lucrezia: II. ? Friend, I came as quickly as I could?
Lucrezia: III. Duet: ?I do not know her name?
Lucrezia: IV. Duet: ?Okay I think I have a plan?
Lucrezia: V. ?Now go!?
Lucrezia: VI. Aria: ?An admirer?
Lucrezia: VII. ?Friend, this man was brought to us by God?, Duet: ?A son?
Lucrezia: VIII. ?Ah, look the miracle is here?
Lucrezia: IX. ?Has the world produced a bigger ass??
Lucrezia: X. ?Señora, congratulations?
Lucrezia: XI. ?Not yet, but in a while?
Lucrezia: XII. Duet: ?We women?
Lucrezia: XIII. ?Come let us approach?, ?Peace be with you, Padre?
Lucrezia: XIV. Aria: ?His manner is gentle?
Lucrezia: XV. Aria: ?Never let it be said?
Lucrezia: XVI. Arietta: ?Oh I am wand'ring fool?
Lucrezia: XVII. Duet: ?Come back to bed?
Lucrezia: XVIII. ?Six on the dot?
Lucrezia: XIX. Quintet: ?Onto the morning?