Joseph Wölfl


Born: December 24, 1773   Died: May 21, 1812   Country: Austria   Period: Classical
Joseph Wölfl knew and studied with several famous composers including Michael Haydn and Leopold Mozart as well as Leopold's son Wolfgang, with whom he studied composition. He also met Beethoven, and competed with him in a 'piano duel' at the home of Baron Alexander von Wetzlar in 1799. He dedicated his Op. 6 Piano Sonatas, composed in 1798 to Beethoven. The composer Frantisek Tomasek commented on Wölfl's keyboard abilities and that his Read more large hands could span the interval of a 13th.

Wölfl performed in Paris and eventually settled in England in 1805 where his music was reasonably successful. He passed away in 1812 and his works then fell into obscurity. Though he composed an opera, chamber music and symphonies, Joseph Wölfl is mainly known today through the rediscovery of his keyboard sonatas which can be quite engaging for listeners and challenging for performers. Read less
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