Back Bay Chorale

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    Yannatos: Trinity Mass / Harvard-radcliffe Orchestra, Et Al
    Label: Albany Records   Catalog: 241 Release Date: 07/01/1997   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  James Yannatos
    Performer:  Milagro Vargas,  Jason Robards,  Sanford Sylvan,  Jon Humphrey  ... 
    Conductor:  James Yannatos
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra,  Radcliffe Choral Society,  Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum  ... 
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    Robert Kyr: Unseen Rain
    Label: New Albion   Catalog: 75 Release Date: 05/02/1995   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Robert Kyr
    Performer:  Shira Kammen,  John Fleagle,  Michael Collver,  Crawford Young  ... 
    Conductor:  Beverly Taylor
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Back Bay Chorale,  Ensemble P.A.N.
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Act I: Prologue: When the moon grows round and the dark grows double (Devils, Grandmother)
Act I: Prologue: You haven't swept up very snugly (Grandmother, Devils, )
Act I: Prologue: Hurry up now! Light the fire! (Grandmother, Devils)
Act I: Prologue: Dance - You have learned to bewitch (Grandmother)
Act I: Prologue: O Grandmother, you mean I can play in the world (, Grandmother, Devils)
Act I: Prologue: Entr'acte
Act II: Head over heels now here I come! ()
Act II: Bottle, we're off! (, Statue)
Act II: I'll try over there across the square ()
Act II: Good morning. Good gracious, you look like the devil (Letterbox, )
Act II: I've made a mistake (, Boy, Children)
Act II: Why, why can't you leave us (Lions, )
Act II: Did you turn them back into stone? (Girl, , Mother)
Act II: Where have you been? (Mother, Girl, )
Act II: Have I been dreaming? (Mother, Shopkeeper, Policeman)
Act II: Now you can see, I'm a master of magic (, Girl, Shopkeeper, Toys)
Act II: Come dance, come dance, round and round (, Girl)
Act II: Toys! Fiddlers, drummers! (, Girl, Toys)
Act II: Oh no! Oh no! Who would believe it! (Housewives, , Policeman, Letterbox, Lions, Statue, Toys)
Kyrie (Prologue): Arioso: Shee Na Sha (oh-oo-ah) (Bass, Chorus) - Recitative and Aria: Alakeri i psihi mya kravyi (My entire soul is a cry) (Baritone, Chorus)
Dies Irae, Part I: Day of Trinity: Dies irae, dies illa (Day of Wrath) (Chorus) - Recitative and Arioso: Woe to the multitude (Bass) - Arioso: My family did not believe (Soprano) - ...
Dies Irae, Part I: Day of Trinity: Aria: To whom can I speak (Soprano) - The night after Hiroshima (Tenor, Narrator) - We have killed (Tenor, Bass, Chorus) - Aria: That first night...
Dies Irae, Part I: Day of Trinity: Finale, Part I: Liber scriptus proferetur (Lo, the book exactly worded) (Soloists, Chorus)
Dies Irae, Part II: Day of Thebes: Suspicion... security risk... the state... threat (Chorus, Soloists, Narrator) - Arioso: Fading, fading strength beyond (Soprano)
Dies Irae, Part II: Day of Thebes: Lacrymosa: Lacrymosa dies illa (Ah, that day of tears and mourning) (Soloists, Chorus)
Dies Irae, Part II: Day of Thebes: Hiroshima Aria: Pie Jesu Domine (Lord all pitying, Jesus blest) (Mezzo Soprano, Soprano, Chorus)
Dies Irae, Part II: Day of Thebes: Hostias: He was a burning and shining light (Soloist, Chorus)
Credo in Reduxio ad Absurdum: Trio: I believe in technology (Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Chorus)
Credo in Reduxio ad Absurdum: The Cold Men: There are old men (Children's Chorus)
Sanctus: Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus (Holy, holy, holy) (Chorus I and II) - Aria: To lambrotero prosopo (God is the most resplendent) (Baritone)
Sanctus: Aria: My Lord, what a morning (Soprano, Chorus, Children's Chorus) - Duet: Holy Mother Earth (Soprano, Baritone, Chorus, Children's Chorus) - Hosanna in excelsis (Chorus, Children's Chorus)
Agnus Dei (Epilogue): I dream of that day (Soloists, Chorus)