Kenneth Klein

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No. 1. Motet I: The Pledge
No. 2. Motet IV: Lontano, ero con te
No. 3. Motet V: Addii, fischi nel buio
No. 4. Motet IX: Il ramarro, se scocca
No. 5. Motet XVI: Il fiore che ripete
No. 6. Autumn Cellars
I. Star-Spangled Overture
II. Amber Waves
III. Jubilo
IV. Memorials
V. Saratoga Quick-Step
VI. Hymnal
No. 1. Gospel Train - Old Time Religion
No. 2. Were You There? - Steal Away
No. 3. All God's Children Got Wings
No. 4. Little David Play on Your Harp
No. 5. Calvary - He Never Said a Mumblin' Word
No. 6. Ezekiel Saw de Wheel
I. Moderately fast, with vigor and bounce
II. Pavane
III. Fast and Racy