Stephen Barlow

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No. 1. Who is Silvia?
No. 2. When Daffodils Begin to Peer
No. 3. How should I your true love know
No. 4. Sigh no more, Ladies
No. 1. Come Away, Death
No. 2. O Mistress Mine
No. 3. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
No. 1. I will go with my father a-ploughing
No. 2. Cherry valley
No. 3. I wish and I wish
No. 1. Orpheus with his lute
No. 2. When icicles hang by the wall
No. 1. A Good Child
No. 2. The Lamplighter
No. 3. Where Go the Boats?
No. 4. Foreign Children
No. 1. Fear no more the heat o' the sun
No. 2. Under the greenwood tree
No. 3. It was a lover and his lass
No. 4. Take, O take those lips away
No. 5. Hey, ho, the wind and the rain
No. 3. Evening Voices (Twilight Fancies)
No. 4. Young Venevil
No. 6. Hidden Love
No. 5. The Minstrel
No. 7. The Bird's Story
No. 1. Cradle Song
No. 2. The Homeward Journey
No. 1. It was a lover and his lass
No. 2. So white, so soft, so sweet is she
No. 3. Spring, the sweet spring
No. 4. To Daffodils
No. 1. Indian Love Song
No. 2. Love's Philosophy
No. 3. To the queen of my heart
No. 1. Slumber Song
No. 2. The Nightingale
No. 3. Summer Eve
No. 4. Longing
No. 5. Sunset
No. 1. Yonder stands a lovely creature
No. 2. A blacksmith courted me
No. 4. A lawyer he went out one day
No. 5. Come my own one
No. 7. A brisk young sailor courted me
No. 11. Tarry trousers
No. 1. In the year that's come and gone, love, his flying feather
No. 2. Life in her Creaking Shoes
No. 3. Fill a glass with golden wine
No. 4. On the way to Kew
No. 3. Sowing the seeds of love
No. 6. The cuckoo
No. 8. Seventeen come Sunday
No. 9. Roving in the dew
No. 10. The true lover's farewell
No. 1. Bredon Hill
No. 2. O Fair enough are Sky and Plain
No. 3. When the Lad for the Longing Sighs
No. 4. On the Idle Hill of Summer
No. 5. With Rue My Heart is Laden