Beth Clayton

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    Floyd: Cold Sassy Tree / Summers, Racette, Houston Grand Opera
    Label: Albany Records   Catalog: 758/59 Release Date: 08/30/2005   Number of Discs: 2
    Composer:  Carlisle Floyd
    Performer:  Oren Gradus,  Diane Alexander,  Judith Christin,  Kerri Marcinko  ... 
    Conductor:  Patrick Summers
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Houston Grand Opera Orchestra,  Houston Grand Opera Chorus
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    Bennett: The Mines Of Sulphur / Robertson, Irmiter, Et Al
    Label: Chandos   Catalog: 5036 Release Date: 07/26/2005   Number of Discs: 2
    Composer:  Richard Rodney Bennett
    Performer:  Brandon Jovanovich,  Beth Clayton,  James Maddalena,  Kristopher Irmiter  ... 
    Conductor:  Stewart Robertson
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Glimmerglass Opera Orchestra
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    Bernstein: Suite From Candide, Etc / Eiji Oue
    Label: Reference Recordings   Catalog: 87 Release Date: 08/03/1999   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Leonard Bernstein
    Performer:  Beth Clayton,  Anthony Ross
    Conductor:  Eiji Oue
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Minnesota Orchestra
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Act I: Introduction
Act I: Slut! You slut! (Braxton, Rosalind)
Act I: Easy and quietly (Boconnion, Tovey, Rosalind, Braxton)
Act I: The key! (Boconnion, Tovey, Rosalind)
Act I: You see! What did I tell you? (Rosalind, Boconnion, Tovey)
Act I: Old goat! (Boconnion, Rosalind)
Act I: The cup it is white and the ale it is brown... (Tovey, Boconnion)
Act I: Am I beautiful? (Rosalind, Boconnion, Tovey)
Act I: A horn! (Boconnion, Rosalind, Tovey, Sherrin)
Act I: Good evening, sir (Sherrin, Boconnion, Rosalind, Tovey, Leda, Fenney, Tooley)
Act I: I once played Romeo, in Chester (Fenney, Sherrin, Tooley, Leda)
Act I: It looks very well on you (Jenny, Rosalind)
Act II: Overture
Act II: Good morning, your Excellency! (Tooley)
Act II: Recitative: Item: A fountain in the Palladian style (Sherrin / The Count)
Act II: Duet: Good morning, your Excellency (Fenny / Hugo, Sherrin / the Count)
Act II: Duet: This morning I was passing the square (Fenny / Hugo, Sherrin / the Count) - Aria: O when will I a lover know (Jenny / Haidee)
Act II: Well? (Fenny / Hugo, Sherrin / the Count, Leda / Mrs Traxel)
Act II: Haidee! (Leda / Mrs Traxel) - Interlude
Act II: Your eyes are shining, Rosalind (Boconnion, Rosalind, Tovey)
Act II: Entr'acte
Act III: The horn! Their horn! (Tovey, Boconnion, Rosalind, Jenny)
Act III: Then look! Soldier, look! (Jenny, Tovey, Rosalind, Boconnion)