Morton Gould


Born: December 10, 1913; Richmond Hill, NY   Died: February 21, 1996; Orlando, FL  
Morton Gould was an important American composer, generally overshadowed by Copland, Barber, and Bernstein. Like Bernstein, he wrote in both popular and classical styles and often mixed the two. Many record collectors around the middle of the twentieth century knew him primarily as a conductor of popular music, as well as of newer works in the realm of serious music. His "classical" style in composition generally offered few challenges to Read more listeners and often featured well-known themes of a patriotic or folk origin, or were based on melodies from American composers out of the past. Foster Gallery (1939) and American Ballads (1976) fall into this realm.

Gould was born in Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York. He was a musical prodigy of a rare order, playing the piano and composing by age four. His parents were strongly supportive of their young son and helped to get his first work, a waltz entitled Just Six, both performed and published when he was still only six years old.

By age eight, he was performing regularly on radio broadcasts. Later, he studied at the Institute of Musical Arts in New York and in New York University, where he was instructed in composition by Vincent Jones. He also studied piano with Abby Whiteside. In his late teens, Gould played piano in vaudeville and radio in various freelancing assignments, but also held positions with Radio City Music Hall and NBC. At age 21, (1934) he landed a conducting post with WOR Radio, regularly leading an orchestra in popular music fare. He recorded for RCA beginning in the 1930s and made piano rolls for Ampico.

One of Gould's first successes in composition was his Chorale and Fugue in Jazz (1935), which received a prestigious premiere on January 2, 1936, with Leopold Stokowski leading the Philadelphia Orchestra. Gould was beginning to turn out many significant compositions now: his Piano Concerto came in 1937 and his Violin Concerto in 1938. The following year, he wrote the aforementioned work based on popular Stephen Foster themes, Foster Gallery, which was subsequently recorded by Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops Orchestra.

Gould became music director of the popular radio programs "The Chrysler Hour" and "Cresta Blanca Carnival" in the 1940s. He composed three symphonies (of four) in that decade, as well as a spate of other works, including his Viola Concerto (1943) and Fall River Legend (1947).

Gould also wrote for Broadway, turning out Billion Dollar Baby in 1945 and Arms and the Girl in 1950. In 1944, he appeared in the film Delightfully Dangerous, for which he wrote the score. His career scoring films continued with other efforts including Cinerama Holiday (1955) and Windjammer (1958). He also composed numerous scores for television shows in the 1960s and 1970s. His last important effort here was for the mini-series Holocaust (1978), which starred Meryl Streep. In 1966, Gould received a Grammy award for his recording with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra of Ives' First Symphony.

Gould continued to write concert music, as well, though one might assert that the film world may ultimately have sabotaged his chances somewhat to attain a higher level of art. Still, his Symphony of Spirituals and American Ballads, both premiered in 1976, demonstrated his undiminished talent. From 1986 until 1994 he served as president of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). In 1995, Gould received a Pulitzer Prize for his composition Stringmusic. Read less
American Classics - Gould: American Ballads, Etc / Kuchar
Release Date: 07/18/2000   Label: Naxos  
Catalog: 8559005   Number of Discs: 1
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American Classics - Gould: Fall River Legend, Etc
Release Date: 11/15/2005   Label: Naxos  
Catalog: 8559242   Number of Discs: 1
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CD: $11.49
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Gould: Derivations / Scott Weiss, U Of Kansas Wind Ensemble
Release Date: 05/31/2011   Label: Naxos  
Catalog: 8572629   Number of Discs: 1
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CD: $11.49
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Gould: Concerto Grosso, Formations, Cinerama Holiday / Schwarz, Seattle Symphony
Release Date: 05/29/2012   Label: Naxos  
Catalog: 8559715   Number of Discs: 1
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CD: $11.49
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    New York Philharmonic: 175th Anniversary Edition
    Label: Sony   Catalog: 533636 Release Date: 04/07/2017   Number of Discs: 65
    Composer:  Richard Wagner,  Richard Strauss,  Camille Saint-Saëns,  Ambroise Thomas  ... 
    Performer:  Oscar Levant,  Robert Casadesus,  Isaac Stern,  Yo-Yo Ma
    Conductor:  Willem Mengelberg,  Josef Stransky,  Arturo Toscanini,  Sir John Barbirolli  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  New York Philharmonic
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    America Again / Downes
    Label: Sono Luminus   Catalog: 92207 Release Date: 10/28/2016   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Morton Gould,  Lou Harrison,  Traditional,  Amy Marcy Beach  ... 
    Performer:  Lara Downes
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    The Golden Era of Living Stereo: Remastered Collector's Edition
    Label: Rca   Catalog: 532174 Release Date: 10/28/2016   Number of Discs: 60
    Composer:  Franz Schubert,  Robert Schumann,  Pietro Nardini,  Dmitri Shostakovich  ... 
    Performer:  Stuart Sankey,  Ania Dorfmann,  Leonid Kogan,  Andrei Mitnik  ... 
    Conductor:  Howard Mitchell,  Arthur Fiedler,  Arturo Basile,  Robert Shaw  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Festival Quartet,  Portland Symphonic Choir,  Choir Of The Abbey Of Mount Angel  ... 
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    CD: $138.49
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    Deutsche Grammophon: The Mono Era (1948-1957)
    Label: Deutsche Grammophon   Catalog: 002457272 Release Date: 03/18/2016   Number of Discs: 51
    Composer:  Franz Schubert,  Dmitri Shostakovich,  Frédéric Chopin,  Johannes Brahms  ... 
    Performer:  Stefan Askenase,  Shura Cherkassky,  Halina Czerny-Stefanska,  Basile Bolotine  ... 
    Conductor:  Karel Ancerl,  Karl Böhm,  Serge Jaroff,  Leopold Ludwig  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Amadeus Quartet,  Czech Philharmonic Orchestra,  Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra  ... 
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    Morton Gould: The Complete Chicago Symphony Recordings
    Label: Rca   Catalog: 512070 Release Date: 02/26/2016   Number of Discs: 6
    Composer:  Morton Gould,  Aaron Copland,  Nikolay Myaskovsky,  Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov  ... 
    Performer:  Benny Goodman
    Conductor:  Morton Gould
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Chicago Symphony Orchestra
    CD: $34.99
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    The Sun Will Rise Again
    Label: Klavier Records   Catalog: 11208 Release Date: 01/08/2016   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Morton Gould,  Jack Stamp,  Robert Russell Bennett,  Mark Camphouse  ... 
    Performer:  Bruce Yurko,  William Stowman,  Eric Henry,  Jocelyn Goranson  ... 
    Conductor:  Bradley Genevro
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Messiah College Wind Ensemble
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    Label: Amadeus Arte   Catalog: 13002 Release Date: 12/01/2015   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Astor Piazzolla,  Roberto Pansera,  Ora Bat Chaim,  Morton Gould  ... 
    Performer:  Gianluca Campagnolo,  Francesco Scrofani Cancellieri,  Salvatore Ciccotta,  Giovanni Caggia  ... 
    CD: $14.99
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    The Golden Age Of Light Music: 100 Greatest American Light Orchestras, Vol. 2
    Label: Guild   Catalog: 5231 Release Date: 10/15/2015   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Mexican Anonymous,  Irving Berlin,  Richard Rodgers,  Vincent Youmans  ... 
    Conductor:  Percy Faith,  Glenn Osser,  Richard Jones,  Xavier Cugat  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  The Pittsburgh Strings
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    CD Premieres of their Rarest 78 RPM Recordings / Stokowski / All-American Youth Orchestra
    Label: Music & Arts   Catalog: 1287 Release Date: 04/14/2015   Number of Discs: 3
    Composer:  Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky,  Ottokar Novácek,  Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov,  Igor Stravinsky  ... 
    Performer:  Henry Cowell
    Conductor:  Leopold Stokowski
    CD: $44.49
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    Jerome Robbins' Broadway / Original Broadway Cast
    Label: Rca   Catalog: 60150 Release Date: 12/02/2014   Number of Discs: 2
    Composer:  Various,  Leonard Bernstein,  Morton Gould,  Stephen Sondheim  ... 
    Performer:  Debbie Shapiro,  Robert La Fosse,  Scott Wise,  Michael Kubala  ... 
    Conductor:  Paul Gemignani
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Orchestra
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    Morton Gould
    Label: Allentown Band   Catalog: 2059 Release Date: 11/11/2014   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Morton Gould
    Conductor:  Ronald H. Demkee
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Allentown Band
    CD: $14.99
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    Wind Band Masterworks, Vol. 6
    Label: Mark Records   Catalog: 50546 Release Date: 10/14/2014   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Johann Sebastian Bach,  Morton Gould,  Johannes Brahms,  Joaquin Rodrigo  ... 
    Conductor:  Timothy Rhea
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    The Complete Nashville Symphony Recordings / Schermerhorn
    Label: Naxos   Catalog: 501108 Release Date: 09/02/2014   Number of Discs: 11
    Composer:  Heitor Villa-Lobos,  Morton Gould,  Elliott Carter,  Ludwig van Beethoven  ... 
    Performer:  José Feghali,  Rosana Lamosa,  Mark Wait,  Lori Phillips  ... 
    Conductor:  Kenneth Schermerhorn
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Nashville Symphony Orchestra,  Nashville Symphony Chorus
    On sale! $99.99
    CD: $92.49
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    Dances / Benjamin Grosvenor
    Label: Decca   Catalog: 002130302 Release Date: 08/25/2014   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Johann Sebastian Bach,  Frédéric Chopin,  Alexander Scriabin,  Enrique Granados  ... 
    Performer:  Benjamin Grosvenor
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    The Piano in America / Dubal, Waldoff
    Label: Arkiv   Catalog: 70002 Release Date: 06/24/2014   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  William Brown,  James Hewitt,  Louis Moreau Gottschalk,  Richard Hoffman  ... 
    Performer:  David Dubal,  Stanley Waldoff
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    RCA Living Stereo Collection, Vol. 1
    Label: Rca   Catalog: 541497 Release Date: 04/15/2014   Number of Discs: 60
    Composer:  Camille Saint-Saëns,  Claude Debussy,  Jacques Ibert,  Maurice Ravel  ... 
    Performer:  Berj Zamkochian,  John Weicher,  Philip Farkas,  Jascha Heifetz  ... 
    Conductor:  Charles Munch,  Fritz Reiner,  Kiril Kondrashin,  Arthur Fiedler  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Boston Symphony Orchestra,  New England Conservatory Chorus,  New England Conservatory Alumni Chorus  ... 
    CD: $128.49
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    Cinerama Holiday [original Soundtrack]
    Label: Sepia Records   Catalog: 1247 Release Date: 02/11/2014   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Morton Gould
    Conductor:  Jack Shaindlin
    CD: $13.99
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    Panorama Of American Piano Music / Yvar Mikhashoff
    Label: Mode   Catalog: 262 Release Date: 12/03/2013   Number of Discs: 4
    Composer:  Leo Ornstein,  Charles Tomlinson Griffes,  Percy Aldridge Grainger,  Aaron Copland  ... 
    Performer:  Yvar Mikhashoff
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    CD: $52.99
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    Gould: An American Salute / Colburn,
    Label: Altissimo   Catalog: 2572 Release Date: 10/29/2013   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Morton Gould
    Conductor:  Michael J. Colburn
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  "President's Own" United States Marine Band
    CD: $17.99
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    Label: Sepia Records   Catalog: 1234 Release Date: 09/10/2013   Number of Discs: 2
    Composer:  Morton Gould,  Recorded Sound,  Pablo Casals,  Spoken Word  ... 
    Performer:  Harald Tusberg,  Lasse Kolstad,  Kaare Terland,  Sven Libaek  ... 
    Conductor:  Jack Shaindlin
    CD: $19.99
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  • 21.
    Best Of Pops / Arthur Fiedler, Boston Pops Orchestra
    Label: Dynamic   Catalog: 3580 Release Date: 07/02/2013   Number of Discs: 3
    Composer:  Jacob Gade,  Leroy Anderson,  Victor Young,  Meredith Willson  ... 
    Conductor:  Arthur Fiedler
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Boston Pops
    On sale! $29.95
    CD: $25.99
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  • 22.
    American Journeys
    Label: Klavier Records   Catalog: 11194 Release Date: 06/25/2013   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  John Williams,  Morton Gould,  Michael Daugherty,  Donald Grantham  ... 
    Performer:  Dan S. Vinson
    Conductor:  Kenneth W. Megan Jr.,  Richard E. Wyman
    CD: $17.99
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  • 23.
    The Golden Age Of Light Music: Melody Mixture
    Label: Guild   Catalog: 5197 Release Date: 06/11/2013   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Dolf van der Linden,  Henry Mancini,  Edward "Duke" Ellington,  Dimitri Tiomkin  ... 
    Performer:  Tommy Reilly
    Conductor:  Ludo Philipp,  Frank Cordell,  Wal-Berg,  Wally Stott  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Fred Hartley Music
    CD: $9.99
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    America the Beautiful: A Collection of Patriotic Songs
    Label: Altissimo   Catalog: 72152 Release Date: 06/04/2013   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  John Stafford Smith,  Laurie Hochman,  Samuel Augustus Ward,  Morton Gould  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  United States Air Force Singing Sergeants,  United States Air Force Band,  United States Navy Sea Chanters  ... 
    CD: $17.99
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    Manhattan Playboys: American Light Classics
    Label: Musical Concepts   Catalog: 1206 Release Date: 06/04/2013   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Erich Wolfgang Korngold,  Robert Farnon,  Leroy Anderson,  Cy Coleman  ... 
    Conductor:  Iain Sutherland
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Iain Sutherland Concert Orchestra
    CD: $12.99
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