Karen Smith Emerson

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No. 1. I Hear an Army
No. 2. Ecce Puer
No. 3. She Weeps Over Rahoon
No. 4. The Twilight Turns from Amethyst
No. 5.
No. 1. Katherine of Aragon
No. 2. Anne Boleyn
No. 3. Jane Seymour
No. 4. Anne of Cleves
No. 5. Katherine Howard
No. 1. Tonight, When There is No Moon
No. 2. What's Wrong with Me?
No. 3. O Mistress Mine
No. 4. Luci serene e chiare
No. 5. Lean Your Cheek
No. 6. Chanson d'Amour
No. 7. Were it Undo
No. 8. In Amerike
No. 9. Valley Girl in Love
No. 10. Lunar Joe