Jean Danton

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Spring I: I saw the lilacs in the rain
Spring II: All mine, I hear you breathing
Spring III: The rose and the lily, the music and bird
Spring IV: I want you vainly everyday
Summer V: The incense of summer is floating
Summer VI: Because I love very deeply
Summer VII: Farewell my love and to my life goodbye
Summer VIII: Above me a hint of warm daybreak
Autumn IX: As we walk out of God lightly
Autumn X: Gossamer webs are dust now
Autumn XI: The passing sister angels
Autumn XII: The clouds drift in newborn sorrow
Winter XIII: The cold devours me wholly
Winter XIV: We join hands. We soft talk, laved by love
Winter XV: We rollick, frolic freely
Winter XVI: A whirl of maelstrom craves me
No. 1. Spring
No. 2. Sleep
No. 3. Winter
No. 4. Dirge
No. 5. Diaphenia
No. 6. Hymn
No. 1. who knows if the moon's a balloon?
No. 2. spring is like a perhaps hand
No. 3. in Just - spring
No. 4. in Spring comes
No. 5. when faces called flowers float out of the ground
No. 1. The Moon
No. 2. Returning, We Hear the Larks
No. 3. River Roses
No. 4. The Owl
No. 5. Boat Song