Simon Callow

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Act I Scene 1: To the Children
Act I Scene 1: In the village of Bourcelles in the Swiss ...
Act I Scene 1: Just then a lamplighter ...
Act I Scene 1: At that time, Henry had told him about the old railway ...
Act I Scene 1: ... the mother of them all
Act I Scene 1: Oh! But I'm forgetting the most important one of all.
Act I Scene 1: They were always eager to hear his poetry
Act I Scene 1: And suddenly a new, enormous thing stirred in their father's heart
Act I Scene 1: As though on cue
Act I Scene 1: To the Children: That's odd, said Mother
Act I Scene 1: ... gold and had put it on for warmth against the cool evening air
Act I Scene 1: Before them stood an extremely dishevelled figure holding a suitcase
Act I Scene 1: As Daddy took charge of the luggage
Act I Scene 1: We want to tell you something
Act I Scene 1: All the rules I swear to keep
Act I Scene 1: Are you sure you have everything you need?
Act II Scene 1: The Blue-eyed Fairy
Act II Scene 1: They found a clearing with the open sky above them
Act II Scene 1: Henry explained that the Pleiades had been attendants upon Artemis ...
Act II Scene 1: The Sun has Gone
Act II Scene 1: The Sun has Gone: Now, cats are curious creatures, and Riquette was no exception
Act II Scene 1: Turning towards the open window ...
Act II Scene 1: At length Jinny came out of the cave and came over to them
Act II Scene 1: Then there's Madame Jequier and dear Miss Waghorn
Act II Scene 1: Could it be?
Act II Scene 1: And with that the first passenger hurried by them
Act II Scene 1: The Sweep
Act II Scene 1: Then a fantastic, light, twirling creature ...
Act II Scene 1: I'm ev'rywhere
Act II Scene 1: And the shabby Tramp, playing his barrel organ
Act II Scene 1: Well, let's see now
Act II Scene 1: Wake up, you little Night Winds
Act II Scene 1: Dance of the Winds
Act II Scene 1: But where's Cousin Henry?
Act II Scene 1: I'm ev'rywhere: Ah! Anyone gazing skywards at that moment ...
Act II Scene 1: Sun Dance
Act II Scene 2: Madame Jequier's constant anxiety ...
Act II Scene 2: Dandelions, Daffodils
Act II Scene 2: In her attic chamber above
Act II Scene 2: Henry turned to the children
Act II Scene 3: At the Citadelle
Act II Scene 3: O, stars shine brightly
Act II Scene 3: The Sprites had almost finished their task
Act II Scene 3: The Sprites flitted out, back to the Starlight Express
Act II Scene 3: Dawn Song
Act III Scene 1: My Old Tunes
Act III Scene 1: Dandelions, Daffodils
Act III Scene 1: Miss Waghorn, whose confusion of mind ...
Act III Scene 1: My main idea is this ...
Act III Scene 1: Then Mother spoke ...
Act III Scene 1: A few days later Henry left to return to London
Act III Scene 2: It was late evening on the day of his arrival
Act III Scene 2: And suddenly he remembered an extraordinary conversation ...
Act III Scene 2: All three children, perhaps sent back from their nocturnal enterprises ...
Act III Scene 2: Sympathy - Hearts must be soft-shiny dressed'
Act III Scene 2: Jinny said, with her characteristic gravity ...