Amy Burton

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Act I: -
Act I Scene 1: The gentleman has arrived, your Excellency (First Secretary, Ambassador, Lady Mabel, Verloc, Prime Minister)
Act I Scene 2: And what do you want with that apron on in the evening? (Winnie, Stevie, Verloc, Michaelis, Professor, Ossipon)
Act I Scene 3: Been here long, Professor? (Ossipon, Professor)
Act I Scene 4: Chief Inspector (Commissioner, Heat)
Act II Scene 5: Terribly sad, don't you think? (Lady Millicent, Lady Isabel, Lady Verena, Lady Olive, Lady Mabel, Michaelis, Commisisoner)
Act II Scene 6: Adolf? Adolf, where have you been? (Winnie, Heat, Verloc)
Act II Scene 7: Hullo? Missus Verloc? (Ossipon, Winnie, Heat, Constable, Professor)
No. 1. Lullaby
No. 2. My Heart Leaps Up
No. 3. Mezzo Cammin
No. 4. The Coming of Wisdom with Time
No. 5. In Remembrance
Lips and Eyes
Interlude: Duo
Mediocrity in Love Rejected
Interlude: Solo
Secrecy Protested