Cornelius Meister

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No. 1. Der Engel (The Angel)
No. 2. Stehe still (Stand Still)
No. 3. Im Treibhaus (In the Hothouse)
No. 4. Schmerzen (Pain)
No. 5. Traume (Dreams)
Kossuth -
Mi bu nehezedik a lelkedre, edes ferjem? (Why are you so grieved, my dear husband?) -
Veszelyben a haza (The fatherland is in danger!) -
Hajdan jobb idoket eltunk (Formerly we had a better life...) -
Majd rosszra fordult sorsunk... (Then our fate changed for the worse...) -
Harcra fel! (Up and fight them!) -
Jojjetek, jojjetek! Szep magyar vitezek, aranyos leventek! (Come, come! You splendid lads, You valiant Hungarian Warriors!) -
[-] -
Mindennek vege (All is over!) -
Csondes minden, csondes (Everything is quiet, very quiet...)
I. Introduzione: Andante non troppo - Allegro vivace
II. Giuoco delle coppie: Allegretto scherzando
III. Elegia: Andante non troppo
IV. Intermezzo interrotto: Allegretto
V. Finale: Presto