Matt Boehler

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Act I Scene 1: The gentleman has arrived, your Excellency (First Secretary, Ambassador, Lady Mabel, Verloc, Prime Minister)
Act I Scene 2: And what do you want with that apron on in the evening? (Winnie, Stevie, Verloc, Michaelis, Professor, Ossipon)
Act I Scene 3: Been here long, Professor? (Ossipon, Professor)
Act I Scene 4: Chief Inspector (Commissioner, Heat)
Act II Scene 5: Terribly sad, don't you think? (Lady Millicent, Lady Isabel, Lady Verena, Lady Olive, Lady Mabel, Michaelis, Commisisoner)
Act II Scene 6: Adolf? Adolf, where have you been? (Winnie, Heat, Verloc)
Act II Scene 7: Hullo? Missus Verloc? (Ossipon, Winnie, Heat, Constable, Professor)