Nathaniel Webster

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Act I: Overture
Act I Scene 2: Hal's Memory (Henry IV, Hal)
Act I Scene 3: Gad's Hill (Falstaff, Hal, Boy, 1st Traveler, 2nd Traveler, Bardolph, Pistol)
Act I Scene 4: Clarence (Henry IV, Chief Justice, Clarence)
Act I Scene 5: Boar's Head Inn (Falstaff, Hal, Hostess, Boy, Pistol, 1st Captain, 2nd Captain)
Act II Scene 6: Shallow's Orchard (Shallow, Falstaff)
Act II Scene 7: Jerusalem (Clarence, Chief Justice, Henry IV, Warwick, Hal, Chorus)
Act II Scene 9: Pistol's News (Davy, Falstaff, Bardolph, Shallow, Pistol, Chorus)
Act II Scene 10: Banishment (Hostess, Bardolph, Pistol, Boy, Shallow, Falstaff, Henry V (Hal), Chorus)
Act II Scene 11: Muse of Fire (Pistol, Boy, Hostess, Shallow, Bardolph, Davy, Henry V (Hal), Chorus)
Act II Scene 12: Off to War (Pistol, Boy, Shallow, Bardolph, Davy, Hostess, Chorus)