University Of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra

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Act I: Introduction: Turtle dove (Alfred, Adele)
Act I: I must manage to get the night off and go to the ball (Adele, Rosalinda)
Act I: Dialogue: Gabriel going to jail (Rosalinda, Alfred)
Act I: Trio: When these lawyers don't deliver (Rosalinda, Eisenstein, Dr Blind)
Act I: Poor darling, when must you go? (Rosalinda, Eisenstein, Adele, Falke)
Act I: Duo: Come along (Falke, Eisenstein)
Act I: What is that you have there, dear? (Eisenstein, Rosalinda)
Act I: Trio: To part is such sweet sorrow (Rosalinda, Adele, Eisenstein)
Act I: A supper for two! (Alfred, Rosalinda, Frank)
Act II: Entr'acte - What a joy (Chorus)
Act II: Dialogue: His Excellency (Ivan, Falke, Orlovsky, Eisenstein)
Act II: Air: I am a very gracious host (Orlovsky)
Act II: Marquis, I'd like to present the actress Olga (Falke, Eisenstein, Adele, Orlovsky)
Act II: Dialogue: My humble apologies (Eisenstein, Orlovsky, Falke, Ivan, Rosalinda)
Act II: Duet: She's amazing (Eisenstein, Rosalinda)
Act II: Dialogue: Countess, won't you unmask for us (Adele, Rosalinda, Orlovsky)
Act II: Finale: Bravo, Countess! (Eisenstein, Orlovsky, All)
Act II: Polka: Auf der Jagd
Act II: Finale: Enough, my friends, enough (Orlovsky, Eisenstein, Frank, Rosalinda, All)
Act III: Entr'acte
Act III: Dialogue: Quiet! Quiet in number twelve! (Frosch)
Act III: Melodrama
Act III: Dialogue: Ah, there is the warden (Frosch, Frank, Ida, Adele)
Act III: Aria: Ever since I was a baby (Adele)
Act III: Dialogue: My dear, you show great promise (Frank, Frosch, Eisenstein, Dr. Blind)
Act III: Trio: To judge his expression (Alfred, Rosalinda, Eisenstein)
Act III: Dialogue: How dare you reproach me (Rosalinda, Alfred, Frank, Eisenstein, Adele, Orlovsky, Falke)
Act III: Finale: Oh Fledermaus, oh Fledermaus (All)