Claire Booth

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I. When I heard the learn'd astronomer
II. A noiseless, patient spider
III. The Dalliance of the Eagles
IV. The Voice of the Rain
No. 1. Sehr ruhig und zart
No. 2. Lebhaft und zart bewegt
No. 3. Sehr langsam und ausserst ruhig
No. 4. Fliessend, ausserst zart
No. 5. Sehr fliessend
Schweigt auch die Welt, aus Farben ist immer (The World, Through Silent, Is Always Full of Colours)
Sehr tief verhalten innerst Leben (Buried Deep, Innermost Life Sings)
Schopfen aus Brunnen des Himmels nach Wassen des Worts (To Draw From Heaven's Springs)
Leichteste Burden der Baume trag ich durch die Raume: die Dufte (Through Space I Carry the Tree's Lightest Burden)
Freundselig ist das Wort (Kindly Is The Word)
Gelockert aus dem Schosse (Delivered From the Womb)
Symphony for Mercury: -
Symphony for Mercury: -
Symphony for Mercury: Slow -
Symphony for Mercury: Brisk
From high Olympus, and the Realms above (Mercury, Paris)
O Ravishing Delight! (Paris)
Fear not, Mortal: none shall harm thee (Mercury)
Happy thou of Human Race (Mercury, Paris)
Symphony for Juno: Saturnia, Wife of Thundring Jove, am I (Juno)
Symphony for Pallas: This way, Mortal, bend thy Eyes (Pallas)
Symphony for Venus: Hither turn thee, garde Swain (Venus)
Hither turn thee, gentle Swain (Venus, Pallas, Juno)
Distracted I turn, but I cannot decide (Paris) - Apart let me view then each heav'nly Fair (Paris)
Symphony: Let Ambition fire thy Mind (Juno)
Awake, awake, thy Spirits raise (Pallas) - Symphony
Hark, hark! the glorious Voice of War (Pallas) - Symphony
Oh what Joys does Conquest yield! (Pallas)
O how glorious 'tis to see (Chorus)
Stay, lovely Youth, delay thy Choice (Venus) - Far from thee be anxious Care (Venus, Chorus)
Nature fram'd thee sure for Loving (Venus) - Fairest she, all Nymphs transcending (Venus)
I yield, I yield, O take the Prize (Paris)
Hither all ye Graces, all ye Loves (Grand Chorus)