Jacob Allen

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Act I: Carnival Music: La-la-la (Revellers)
Act I: Hello! ... If you lack imagination (Viktor Ronai, Lubitshek, All)
Act I: Mr. Lubitschek! (Hubert, Lubitshek, Lori)
Act I: Carnival, a fairy tale of dreams (Revellers, Alexandra)
Act I: Lori won't listen at all (Hubert, Alexandra)
Act I: Duet: I confess! (Alexandra, Hubert)
Act I: Oh, Hubert! (Viktor Ronai, Hubert, Alexandra)
Act I: Duet: I promise ... When the night (Viktor Ronai, Alxandra)
Act I: No, don't bother ... At first (Lori, Hubert, Lubitshek)
Act I: Finale: Hubert, has my car? (Alexandra, Mereditt, Dierks, Viktor Ronai)
Act II: Life is divine (Lubitschek, Pappritz, Viktor Ronai)
Act II: Viktor ... When love (Viktor Ronai, Lubitschek)
Act II: This would be the night (Hubert, Alexandra, Viktor Ronai)
Act II: Duet: Honorable Sir! (Alexandra, Viktor Roani)
Act II: Good evening, Mr. Ronai (Mereditt, Viktor Ronai, Hubert)
Act II: When love's forbidden (Alexandra)
Act II: Count Mereditt (Alexandra, Hubert, Lori)
Act II: Duet: If I listened to my Grandpapa (Hubert, Lori)
Act II: He'll be surprised (Alexandra, Vikto Ronai)
Act II: Hol-la-ha (Lubitschek)
Act II: Your Highness (Hubert, Viktor Ronai, Lori)
Act II: Finale: I shouldn't ask then ... I am (Viktor Ronai, Alexandra)
Act II: May I assist you? (Duke, Alexandra, Mereditt)
Act II: Back when time stood still (Alexandra, Mereditt)
Act III: But Miss Lori ... Two little eyes (Mereditt, Lori)
Act III: Viktor, you here? (Viktor Ronai, Hubert)
Act III: Finale: Fairy Queen of Carnival (Viktor Ronai)