Benjamin Hulett

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I. Sinfonia: Maestoso con moto - Allegro - Maestoso con moto come I -
I. Allegretto un poco agitato -
I. Adagio religioso
II. All men, all things, all that has life and breath (Chorus) -
II. Praise thou the Lord, O my spirit (Soprano, Chorus)
III. Recitative: Sing ye praise, all ye redeemed of the Lord (Tenor) -
III. He counteth all your sorrows in the time of need (Tenor)
IV. All ye that cried unto the Lord in distress and deep affliction (Chorus)
V. I waited for the Lord, He inclined unto me (2 Sopranos, Chorus)
VI. The sorrows of death had closed all around me (Tenor) -
VI. We called thro' the dardness (Tenor) - The night is departing! (Soprano)
VII. The night is departing (Chorus)
VIII. Chorale: Let all men praise the Lord (Chorus)
VIII. Chorale: Glory and praise to God (Chorus)
IX. My song shall be alway Thy mercy (Soprano, Tenor)
X. Ye nations, offer to the Lord glory and might! (Chorus) -
X. O give thanks to the Lord (Chorus)
Stabat mater dolorosa
Cujus animam gementem
Quis est homo?
Eia, mater
Sancta mater -
Fac ut portem -
Christe, cum sit hunc exire
No. 1. Nun bin ich dein
No. 2. Die du Gott gebarst, du Reine
No. 3. Nun wandre, Maria
No. 4. Die ihr schwebet
No. 5. Fuhr mich, Kind, nach Bethlehem
No. 6. Ach, des Knaben Augen
No. 7. Muhvoll komm ich und beladen
No. 8. Ach, wie lang die Seele schlummert!
No. 9. Herr, was tragt der Boden hier
No. 10. Wunden tragst du, mein Geliebter
Part I: Accompagnato: Hence, loathed Melancholy (Tenor)
Part I: Accompagnato: Hence, vain deluding joys (Soprano)
Part I: Air: Come, thou Goddess fair and free (Soprano)
Part I: Come rather, Goddess, sage and holy (Soprano)
Part I: Air: Haste thee, nymph (Tenor)
Part I: Air: Haste thee, nymph (Chorus)
Part I: Air: Come and trip it (Tenor)
Part I: Come, and trip it (Chorus)
Part I: Accompagnato: Come, pensive Nun (Soprano)
Part I: Arioso: Come, but keep thy wonted state (Soprano)
Part I: Accompagnato: There, held in holy passion still (Soprano)
Part I: Join with thee (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Hence, loathed Melancholy (Tenor)
Part I: Recitative: If I give thee honour due (Soprano)
Part I: Air: Mirth, admit me of thy crew (Soprano)
Part I: Accompagnato: First and chief, on golden wing (Soprano)
Part I: Air: Sweet bird, that shun'st the noise of folly (Soprano)
Part I: Recitativo: If I give thee honour due (Basso)
Part I: Air: Mirth, admit me of thy crew (Bass)
Part I: Air: Oft, on a plat of rising ground (Soprano)
Part I: Air: Far from all resort of mirth (Soprano)
Part I: Recitative: If I give thee honour due (L'Allegro: Tenor)
Part I: Air: Let me wander not unseen (Tenor)
Part I: Air: Straight mine eye (Soprano)
Part I: Accompagnato: Mountains, on whose barren breast (Bass)
Part I: Air: Or let the merry bells ring round (Soprano)
Part I: And young and old come forth to play (Chorus)
Grand entree
Accompagnato: Ye happy people (Tenor)
Triumph, Hymen, in the pair (Soprano, Chorus)
Still caressing and caress'd (Soprano, Chorus)
Air: Ye swift minutes as ye fly (Tenor)
O bless, ye pow'rs above (Chorus)
Air: Gentle Morpheus, son of night (Soprano) - That when bright Aurora's beams
Air: Ye fleeting shades, I come (Bass)
Thrice happy who in life excel (Chorus)
Air: Enjor the sweet Elysian grove (Tenor)
Si replica il Core precedente: Thrice happy
Air: Come, Fancy, empress of the brain (Soprano)
Symphony and Accompagnato: He comes, he rises from below (Tenor)
Al hail, thou mighty son of Jove! (Chorus)
Symphony: Larghetto
Recitative: From high Olympus' top, the seat of God (Tenor)
Air: Tune your harps, all ye Nine (Tenor)
Ballo primo: Un peu lentement
L'ultimato ballo
Triumph, thou son of Jove (Chorus)