Orchestra of the Swan

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Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra: I. Allegro pesante
Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra: II. Adagio - Tranquillo
Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra: III. Presto
I. Allegro ma non troppo
II. Allegretto
III. Allegro con brio
No. 1. Nature, the gentlest mother
No. 2. There came a wind like a bugle
No. 3. The world feels dusty
No. 4. Heart, we will forget him
No. 5. Dear March, come in!
No. 6. Sleep is supposed to be
No. 7. Going to Heaven!
No. 8. The Chariot
No. 1. Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht
No. 2. Ging heut' morgen ubers Feld
No. 3. Ich hab' ein gluhend Messer
No. 4. Die zwei blauen Augen
I. Slowly and expressively -
I. Cadenza
II. Rather fast
I. Allegro vigoroso
II. Adagio, ma senza rigore
III. Rondo: Allegro giocoso
I. Very slowly
II. Fast
III. Moderato
IV. Fast
V. Still faster
VI. As at first (slowly)
VII. Calm and flowing
VIII. Coda: Moderato