Sheryl Woods

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    Essential Phillip Glass
    Label: Sony   Catalog: 191720 Release Date: 01/24/2012   Number of Discs: 3
    Composer:  Philip Glass
    Performer:  Janice Pendarvis,  Yo-Yo Ma,  Philip Glass,  Douglas Perry  ... 
    Conductor:  Michael Riesman,  Michael Reisman,  Dennis Russell Davies,  Robert Shaw  ... 
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Philip Glass Ensemble,  Stuttgart State Opera Chorus,  Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra  ... 
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    Picker: Thérèse Raquin / Jenkins, Soviero, Fulgoni, Et Al
    Label: Chandos   Catalog: 9659 Release Date: 06/25/2002   Number of Discs: 2
    Composer:  Tobias Picker
    Performer:  Sara Fulgoni,  Sheryl Woods,  Gorden Getz,  Peter Kazaras  ... 
    Conductor:  Graeme Jenkins
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Dallas Opera Company
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    Darrell Handel: The Poems Of Our Climate
    Label: Vienna Modern Masters   Catalog: 2019 Release Date: 08/30/1998   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Darrell Handel
    Performer:  Eugene Pridonoff,  Rodney Stucky,  Sara Lambert Bloom,  Jina Lee  ... 
    Conductor:  Christopher Zimmerman,  Gerhard Samuel
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    Label: Centaur Records   Catalog: 2217 Release Date: 06/20/1995   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Joel Hoffman,  Darrell Handel,  Bernhard Heiden,  Allen Sapp  ... 
    Performer:  Richard Woodhams,  Sara Lambert Bloom,  Sheryl Woods,  James Tocco  ... 
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    Glass: Satyagraha / Keene, Reeve, Perry, Cummings
    Label: Cbs Masterworks   Catalog: 39672 Release Date: 10/25/1990   Number of Discs: 3
    Composer:  Philip Glass
    Performer:  Douglas Perry,  Claudia Cummings,  Rhonda Liss,  Robert McFarland  ... 
    Conductor:  Christopher Keene
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  New York City Opera Orchestra,  New York City Opera Chorus
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    Glass: Songs From The Trilogy
    Label: Cbs Masterworks   Catalog: 45580 Release Date: 08/07/1989   Number of Discs: 1
    Composer:  Philip Glass
    Performer:  Paul Esswood,  Philip Glass,  Samuel Johnson,  Sheryl Sutton  ... 
    Conductor:  Dennis Russell Davies,  Michael Riesman,  Christopher Keene
    Orchestra/Ensemble:  Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra,  Stuttgart State Opera Chorus,  Philip Glass Ensemble  ... 
    CD: $9.99
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Act I Scene 1: Introduction
Act I Scene 1: Therese. Therese. Therese (Madame)
Act I Scene 1: Therese needs a change of scenery (Camille)
Act I Scene 1: Like a ghost he stood before us (Laurent)
Act I Scene 1: She watched me painting along the Seine (Laurent)
Act I Scene 1: Be careful! Madame Raquin will hear us (Laurent)
Act I Scene 1: When we were little children (Therese)
Act I Scene 2: Thank you, thank you, Suzanne (Madame)
Act I Scene 2: I remember (Suzanne, Madame)
Act I Scene 2: Good evening, Madame Raquin (Olivier)
Act I Scene 2: Good evening. Good evening (Grivet)
Act I Scene 2: At half past 5 (Grivet)
Act I Scene 2: Once there was a servant girl (Olivier)
Act I Scene 2: We'll recall when years have passed (Madame)
Act I Scene 2: Interlude: Let the game begin! (All)
Act I Scene 3: We must have walked 3 hours or more (Camille)
Act I Scene 3: You were with me (Therese)
Act I Scene 3: Come on, wake up (Camille)
Act II Scene 1: 11 months later (Introduction)
Act II Scene 1: Olivier! Monsieur Grivet! (Laurent)
Act II Scene 1: Poor Therese (Laurent)
Act II Scene 1: Interlude
Act II Scene 2: No! No! Drowning ... (Therese)
Act II Scene 2: Am I dreaming? (Therese)
Act II Scene 2: Interlude
Act II Scene 3: My dear! Monsieur Grivet! (Suzanne)
Act II Scene 3: Good night (Olivier, Grivet)
Act II Scene 4: You should not have bought so many flowers (Therese)
Act II Scene 4: The white dove sat in the corner of the ark (Therese)
Act II Scene 5: Introduction
Act II Scene 5: Roses remind me of Vernon (Laurent)
Act II Scene 5: My poor angel (Laurent)
Act II Scene 5: You shall drive me mad! (Laurent)
Act II Scene 5: You saw him at the morgue (Therese)
Act II Scene 6: Betrayed. Betrayed by those we loved (Camille's ghost)
Act II Scene 6: Camille! Camille! (Madame)
Act II Scene 6: She'll never make it through the night! (Laurent) ? Interlude
Act II Scene 7: 5 months ... 5 months ... (Laurent)
Act II Scene 7: What is she doing? (Olivier)
Act II Scene 8: You can never forgive me (Therese)
Act II Scene 8: Get off your knees (Laurent)
Act II Scene 8: Never forgive me (Therese)
Act II Scene 8: It is too much not to be punished (Therese)