Emma Curtis

Calliope - Beautiful Voice Vol 1 / Emma Curtis, The Frolick
Release Date: 07/25/2006   Label: Avie  
Catalog: 2102   Number of Discs: 2
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I. Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde (The Drinking Song of Earth's Misery)
II. Der Einsame im Herbst (The Lonely One in Autumn)
III. Von der Jugend (Of Youth)
IV. Von der Schonheit (Of Beauty)
V. Der Trunkene im Fruhling (The Drunkard in Spring)
VI. Der Abschied (The Farewell)
Act I Scene 1: Einziger, ewiger...und unverstellbarer Gott! (Only, eternal...and unimaginable God!) (Moses)
Act I Scene 2: Du Sohn meiner Vater... (Son of my fathers...) (Aaron, Moses)
Act I Scene 3: Ich hab ihn gesehn, als eine feurige Flamme (I saw him as a burning flame) (Young Girl, Young Man...Chorus)
Act I Scene 4: Bringt ihr Erhorung...? (Do you bring news...?) (Chorus, Moses, Aaron, Priest, Girl, Young Man, Man)
Act I Scene 5: Allmachtiger, meine Kraft ist zu Ende (Almighty, my strength is at an end) (Moses, Aaron, Chorus, Young Girl, Young Man...)
Act I Scene 6: Alles fur die Freiheit! (All for freedom!) (Man, Chorus, Priest, Moses, Aaron)
Act II Scene 4: Vergeh, du Abbild des Unvermogens... (Away, you image of impotence...) (Moses, Chorus)
Act II Scene 5: Aron, was hast du getan?...Nicht Neues! (Aaron, what have you done?...Nothing new!) (Moses, Aaron, Chorus)