Francesco Usper

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Born: before 1570   Died: 1641  
Usper probably settled in Venice before 1586 when he was a student of Gabrieli. The major constituents of his orchestration, strings and trombones, betray his tendencies towards his teacher's influence. His name was originally Sponga but he changed it in dedication to an official in his confraternity, an organization which he served throughout his life. Usper also served a number of churches in Venice including St. Salvatore and St. Mark's. At Read more the former he was the organist and the latter an assistant to Grillo. He composed some of the earliest ensemble canzones in Venice with one sinfonia including passages for recorder and chittarone played against the ritornello of the strings. Usper had a keen sense of textual expression in his vocal compositions and instrumental structures. Read less
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