Jeanette Köhn

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I. Homo natus de muliere (Man born of woman) (Text: Job 14:1-2)
II. Haec dicit Domonus (Thus says the Lord) (Text: Joel 2:12-13)
III. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Praise the Lord, all you nations) (Text: Psalm 116)
I. Tidens pelare (The Pillar of Time)
II. Havet (The Sea)
III. Uppbrott (Breaking Up)
IV. Efterat (Afterwards)
I. Saga (Story)
II. Jungfrulin (Milkwort)
III. Madonnans vaggvisa (The Madonna's Lullaby)
I. Kort ar rosornas tid (Brief is the Time of Roses)
II. Phrasikleia
I. Valkommen ater snalla sol (Welcome Back Sweet Sun)
II. Ballad
III. Sommarafton (Summer's Evening)