Klaus Simon

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I. Poco allegro
II. Adagio
III. Allegretto
I. Poco allegro
II. Poco andantino
III. Allegro
IV. Tempo di valse
V. Andantino
VI. Allegro vivo
Act I: I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky (Tutti)
Act I: A Sermon on Romance (David, Leila)
Act I: Leila's Song of the Wise Young Women (Leila, Consuelo)
Act I: Solo in Sunlight (Dewain)
Act I: Donde estas? (Consuelo)
Act I: Mike's Song about Arresting a Particular Individual (Mike)
Act I: Tiffany's Solo (Tiffany)
Act I: Song about the On Site Altercation (Dewain, Tiffany, Mike, Leila)
Act I: Song about the Bad Boys and the News (Consuelo, Tiffany, Leila)
Act I: Your Honor My Client, He's a Young Black Man (Rick, Tiffany, Leila)
Act I: Consuelo's Dream (Consuelo)
Act I: Rick's Cross-Examination of Tiffany and Mike (Rick, Mike, Tiffany)
Act I: Song about Law School as the Natural Follow-up to Jail (Dewain, David)
Act I: Leila's Solo: Alone (Again or at last) (Lelila)
Act I: Song about the Sweet Majority Population of the World (David, Rick, Dewain, Mike)
Act II: Duet - 3 Weeks and Still I'm Outta My Mind (David, Leila)
Act II: Earthquake Sounds
Act II: Earthquake Music
Act II: Crushed by the Rock I Been Standing On (David, Tiffany, Rick, Consuelo)
Act II: Duet in the Middle of Terrible Duress (Mike, Tiffany, Rick)
Act II: Dewain's Song of Liberation and Surprise (Dewain)
Act II: Este Pais / This Country (Consuelo, Dewain)
Act II: 1 Last Look at the Angel in Your Eyes (Consuelo, Dewain)
Act II: Finale (Tutti)
Part I: Wind Willow Whisper
Part II: Sanctuary