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Dove: Flight / Parry, Robson, Mcfadden, Coxen, Page, Et Al

Release Date: 05/25/2004 
Label:  Chandos   Catalog #: 10197   Spars Code: DDD 
Composer:  Jonathan Dove
Performer:  Claron McFaddenChristopher RobsonRichard CoxenMary Plazas,   ... 
Conductor:  David Parry
Orchestra/Ensemble:  London Philharmonic OrchestraGlyndebourne Festival Chorus
Number of Discs: 2 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 2 Hours 9 Mins. 

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Notes and Editorial Reviews

This is a delight. The biggest mystery is why it has taken five years for Jonathan Dove and April Di Angelis’s opera Flight to arrive on disc. Literature abounds with works based on the idea of people, more or less at random, assembled at some location and then forced to remain and interact for one reason or another—The Decameron, for example. In drama, the idea is the source of pieces as diverse as Grand Hotel and Il viaggio a Riems. In Flight, it is people assembling at an airport for a variety of eventual destinations, all trapped by the sudden onset of bad weather. Overseeing it all is the Controller, who, in American terms, would be the person who announces the flights, and the Refugee, who is living in the airport to avoid the Read more immigration officer. To them come Bill and Tina, a married couple attempting to resurrect their marriage on a romantic vacation, the Steward and Stewardess who are having an affair between jetting off to different places on different planes, the Older Woman who is waiting for the arrival of her younger fiancé from abroad, and the Minskman and the pregnant Minskwoman, who are about to go abroad as diplomats. The first act is devoted to the setup, introducing the passengers and their particular stories. The only one who leaves is the Minskman, who catches his flight after his wife refuses to leave. In the second act, complications ensue as couplings are arranged and rearranged. In the third act, following the unexpected return of the Minskman and the birth of his child, the newly wise passengers depart, leaving the Controller and the Refugee as we found them.

The music is wonderful. Dove’s idiom is tonal, with a significant nod to both the minimalists and to Leonard Bernstein’s unique way of handling the singing voice alone and in ensemble. It is a potent mix. His text setting is exquisite. Moreover, he has a very sure hand as to dramatic pacing and what is even more rare, embodying character in music. Arias and ensembles grow naturally out of the action; every one is a winner. To establish the outsider status of the Refugee, Dove casts him as a countertenor It must be said that Christopher Robson has some minor pitch problems in the live performance—not enough to seriously disfigure the performance, but noticeable nevertheless. The Controller is embodied by the magnificent Claron McFadden. The only reason I can fathom why this amazing singer is not as big a star as, say, Natalie Dessay is her fondness for new music. Actually casting is incredibly strong top to bottom. Gerry Magee, for example, is a famous Don Giovanni (he can be heard in the Chandos “Opera in English” recording) and Richard Van Allen has been a major singer for 30 years. Diction is crystal clear, as is dramatic intent. The very clear live recording captures a good deal of audience mirth, which only adds to the sense of a theatrical event. I would love to see the video presentation from which the recording is taken.

New operas as splendid as this one are not exactly thick on the ground. In truth, they never have been, but this is a major event. I suppose if it were to miraculously appear at the Met, we would get the foolishness of how it is not”big” enough for the house (witness the witless criticism of Floyd’s Susanah a few seasons back), but it is a natural for the more adventurous Lyric in Chicago or San Francisco. In any case, collectors now have it easily available on disc. Don’t miss it. Now can we perhaps have such recent Glyndebourne commissions as The Second Mrs. Kong and The Last Supper?
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Works on This Recording

Flight by Jonathan Dove
Performer:  Claron McFadden (Soprano), Christopher Robson (Countertenor), Richard Coxen (Tenor),
Mary Plazas (Soprano), Nuala Willis (Mezzo Soprano), Steven Page (Bass Baritone),
Garry Magee (Baritone), Anne Mason (Mezzo Soprano), Ann [Mezzo Soprano] Taylor (Mezzo Soprano),
Richard Van Allan (Bass Baritone)
Conductor:  David Parry
Orchestra/Ensemble:  London Philharmonic Orchestra,  Glyndebourne Festival Chorus
Period: 20th Century 
Written: by 1998; England 
Language: English 

Sound Samples

Flight: Act I: Look! Up there (Refugee, Controller)
Flight: Act I: Darling! (Bill, Tina, Refugee)
Flight: Act I: Excuse me. Have you any English money? (Refugee, Bill, Tina)
Flight: Act I: Welcome travellers. Thank you for travelling Tri-Star (Controller)
Flight: Act I: Do I look conspicuous? (Older Woman, Refugee, Controller)
Flight: Act I: Welcome. We're always smiling as you can see (Steward, Stewardess, Refugee, Older Woman)
Flight: Act I: Down you go. Scurry down (Controller)
Flight: Act I: That's us. Is that us? (Minskman, Minskwoman, Controller, Older Woman)
Flight: Act I: No! I don't seem able to go (Minskwoman, Minskman, Controller, Refugee)
Flight: Act I: What have I done? (Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman)
Flight: Act I: What have I just done? Why couldn't I go? (Minskwoman)
Flight: Act I: Excuse me. Have you a hat or a scarf? (Refugee, Older Woman, Stewardess, Steward, Tina, Bill, Controller)
Flight: Act I: Look who's coming! (Controller, Refugee, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess)
Flight: Act I: Gone. Time to be gone (Refugee, Tina, Controller, Bill, Minskwoman, Older Woman, Steward, Stewardess)
Flight: Act I: Disgusting. Record lusting (Controller, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman)
Flight: Act I: Due to circumstances beyond our control (Controller, Refugee)
Flight: Act II: The storm is getting worse (Controller)
Flight: Act II: It's quiet (Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Tina, Older Woman, Minskwoman)
Flight: Act II: I know. We could do the business with our trolleys (Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward, Tina, Bill)
Flight: Act II: Orchestral interlude
Flight: Act II: Fierce night. Jagged light (Controller)
Flight: Act II: I bought this suitcase in New York (Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Bill, Refugee, Older Woman, Tina)
Flight: Act II: The thing about people is (Controller)
Flight: Act II: About this stone. Is it true? (Older Woman, Refugee, Tina, Bill, Minskwoman, Steward, Stewardess, Controller)
Flight: Act II: A wish for me. I'm wishing for my brother (Refugee, Bill, Steward)
Flight: Act II: Excuse me, can I trouble you for some advice? (Older Woman, Tina, Minskwoman, Stewardess, Bill)
Flight: Act II: What's this for? Let's see ... (Bill, Steward, Older Woman, Tina, Stewardess, Minskwoman)
Flight: Act II: He's lucky (Women, Refugee, Older Woman, Controller, Tina, Stewardess, Minskwoman)
Flight: Act II: You have a stone? (Women, Refugee)
Flight: Act II: I believed in miracles (Older Woman, Minskwoman, Stewardess, Tina, Refugee, Controller, Bill, Steward)
Flight: Act III: What a dreadful night (Women, Controller)
Flight: Act III: A plane is coming! (Controller, Older Woman)
Flight: Act III: I flew back immediately. I'm not angry (Minskman, Minskwoman, Tina, Bill, Steward)
Flight: Act III: Oh my goodness! (Bill, Tina, Steward, Stewardess)
Flight: Act III: Oh look, he isn't moving (Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Steward)
Flight: Act III: Ow! What is it? (Minskwoman, All)
Flight: Act III: It's so small (All, Minskwoman)
Flight: Act III: New, wondrous, nothing so new as you (Refugee, Tina, Stewardess, Older Woman, Controller, Minskwoman, Bill, Minskman)
Flight: Act III: He's coming back! Get in the trunk! (Controller, Refugee, Immigration Officer, Women, Men)
Flight: Act III: Surely you can be magnanimous on such a day as this (Minskman, Minskwoman, Immigration Officer, Tina, Steward, Stewardess)
Flight: Act III: You can't fool rules (Immigration Officer, Older Woman, Bill, Steward, Tina, Refugee, Controller)
Flight: Act III: Dawn, still darkness ... (Refugee)
Flight: Act III: But look at me now (Refugee, Immigration Officer, Stewardess, Older Woman, Minskwoman, Minskman)
Flight: Act III: ... I can't do much for you ... (Immigration Officer, Older Woman, Steward, Bill, Tina, Stewardess)
Flight: Act III: ... s to Minsk and places smarter ... (Controller, Older Woman, Minskman, Minskwoman, Bill, Tina, Steward, Stewardess, Refugee)
Flight: Act III: A frozen man falling like a frozen star (Refugee, Controller)

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