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Darmstadt Aural Documents Box 1: Composers - Conductors

Darmstadt Aural Documents Box 1 / Various
Release Date: 11/30/2010 
Label:  Neos   Catalog #: 11060  
Composer:  Spoken WordEarle BrownRené LeibowitzWolfgang Fortner,   ... 
Performer:  Earle BrownKurt RedelRose SteinRudolf Klamand,   ... 
Conductor:  Earle BrownRené LeibowitzWolfgang FortnerErnst Krenek,   ... 
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Internationales Kammerensemble DarmstadtUngarisches Kammerensemble BudapestEnsemble Köln,   ... 
Number of Discs: 6 
Recorded in: Stereo 
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Works on This Recording

Introductory speech by Earle Brown by Spoken Word
Performer:  Earle Brown ()
Date of Recording: 08/01/1996 
Venue:  Live  Orangerie 
Length: 1 Minutes 2 Secs. 
Available Forms I for 18 instruments by Earle Brown
Conductor:  Earle Brown
Period: Modern 
Written: 1961 
Date of Recording: 08/01/1996 
Venue:  Live  Orangerie 
Length: 14 Minutes 8 Secs. 
Kammersymphonie, for 12 instruments, Op. 16 by René Leibowitz
Conductor:  René Leibowitz
Written: 1946-1948 
Date of Recording: 07/21/1948 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 12 Minutes 48 Secs. 
Mitte des Lebens, cantata on words of the late Hölderlin, for soprano & 5 instruments by Wolfgang Fortner
Performer:  Kurt Redel (Flute), Rose Stein (Harp), Rudolf Klamand (Horn),
Friedrich Wildgans (), Rudolf Kolisch (Violin), Ilona Steingruber-Wildgans ()
Conductor:  Wolfgang Fortner
Written: 1951 
Date of Recording: 07/30/1953 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 13 Minutes 0 Secs. 
Cantata for Wartime, on poems by Herman Melville, for women's chorus & orchestra, Op. 95 by Ernst Krenek
Performer:  Carla Henius ()
Conductor:  Ernst Krenek
Written: 1944 
Date of Recording: 07/12/1956 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 15 Minutes 31 Secs. 
Concerto for Piano by Bruno Maderna
Performer:  David Tudor (Piano)
Conductor:  Bruno Maderna
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1959; Italy 
Date of Recording: 09/02/1959 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 17 Minutes 39 Secs. 
Kreuzspiel: 3. Teil by Karlheinz Stockhausen
Performer:  Manfred Wehner (Percussion), Wolfgang Marx (), Alfred Schweinfurter (Oboe),
Christoph Caskel (Percussion), Heinz Haedler (Percussion), David Tudor (Piano)
Conductor:  Karlheinz Stockhausen
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1951; Germany 
Date of Recording: 09/03/1959 
Venue:  Live  Kongress-Saal Mathildenhöhe 
Length: 3 Minutes 38 Secs. 
Tasso-Concetti, for voice, flute, piano & percussion by Hans Otte
Performer:  Jeanne Héricard (), Severino Gazzelloni (Flute), Christoph Caskel (Percussion),
Alfons Kontarsky (Piano)
Conductor:  Hans Otte
Written: 1960 
Date of Recording: 07/07/1960 
Venue:  Live  Kongress-Saal Mathildenhöhe 
Length: 11 Minutes 42 Secs. 
Répons, for ensemble by Henri Pousseur
Performer:  Francis Pierre (Harp), Werner Taube (Cello), Aloys Kontarsky (Piano),
Severino Gazzelloni (Flute), Christoph Caskel (Percussion), Alfons Kontarsky (Harmonium),
Alfons Kontarsky (), Klaus Assmann (Violin)
Conductor:  Henri Pousseur
Written: 1960 
Date of Recording: 07/25/1963 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 23 Minutes 37 Secs. 
Concerto for Oboe no 1 by Bruno Maderna
Performer:  Lothar Faber (Oboe)
Conductor:  Bruno Maderna
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Internationales Kammerensemble Darmstadt
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1962; Italy 
Date of Recording: 07/24/1963 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 16 Minutes 13 Secs. 
Sonant by Mauricio Kagel
Performer:  Georg Nothdorf (Double Bass), Dodo Metelmann (Harp), Karlheinz Böttner (Spanish Guitar),
Karlheinz Böttner ()
Conductor:  Mauricio Kagel
Period: Contemporary 
Written: circa 1960 
Date of Recording: 07/13/1964 
Venue:  Live  Stadthalle 
Length: 14 Minutes 42 Secs. 
Dimensioni IV, for flute & chamber ensemble by Bruno Maderna
Performer:  Severino Gazzelloni (Flute)
Conductor:  Bruno Maderna
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Internationales Kammerensemble Darmstadt
Written: 1964 
Date of Recording: 07/23/1964 
Venue:  Stadthalle 
Length: 20 Minutes 24 Secs. 
Doubles, for large orchestra by Pierre Boulez
Conductor:  Pierre Boulez
Written: 1957-1958 
Date of Recording: 07/18/1965 
Venue:  Stadthalle 
Length: 11 Minutes 11 Secs. 
Sonoriferous Loops, for 5 instrumentalists & two-channel tape, Op. 32 by Herbert Brün
Performer:  Rolf Rossmann (Percussion), Heinz Haedler (Percussion), Jacques Cazauran (Double Bass),
Pierre Pollin (Trumpet), Eberhard Blum (Flute)
Conductor:  Herbert Brün
Written: 1965 
Date of Recording: 07/25/1965 
Venue:  Stadthalle 
Length: 14 Minutes 40 Secs. 
Drei Sätze für kammerensemble by András Mihály
Conductor:  András Mihály
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Ungarisches Kammerensemble Budapest
Written: 1968 
Date of Recording: 09/05/1968 
Venue:  Stadthalle 
Length: 11 Minutes 57 Secs. 
Concerto for Oboe no 2 by Bruno Maderna
Performer:  Lothar Faber (Oboe)
Conductor:  Bruno Maderna
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1967; Italy 
Date of Recording: 09/06/1968 
Venue:  Stadthalle 
Length: 12 Minutes 31 Secs. 
1898 by Mauricio Kagel
Performer:  Siegfried Palm (Cello), Georg Nothdorf (Double Bass), Saschko Gawriloff (Violin),
Robert Tucci (Tuba), Aloys Kontarsky (Piano), Brigitte Sylvestre (Harp),
Kurt Schwertsik (Horn), Christoph Caskel (Percussion), Armin Rosin (Trombone),
Hans Deinzer (Clarinet), Adam Bauer (Trumpet)
Conductor:  Mauricio Kagel
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1972-1973; Cologne, Germany 
Date of Recording: 07/13/1965 
Venue:  Orangerie 
Length: 46 Minutes 51 Secs. 
Continuo, for clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone, viola & cello by Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
Performer:  Kurt Schwertsik (Horn), Armin Rosin (Trombone), Hans Deinzer (Clarinet),
Klaus Thunemann (Bassoon), Hubert Mayer (Viola), Gaby Schumacher (Cello)
Conductor:  Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
Written: 1974 
Date of Recording: 07/22/1974 
Venue:  Städtische Sporthalle 
Length: 11 Minutes 53 Secs. 
Kammerkonzert, for ensemble by Manfred Trojahn
Performer:  Maren Diestel (), Weronika Szraiber-Knittel (Violin), Yoma Appenheimer (Harpsichord),
David Arden (Piano), Friedrich Gauwerky (Cello), Carol Redman (Flute),
Heribert Haase (), Roland Diry (Clarinet)
Conductor:  Manfred Trojahn
Written: 1973 
Date of Recording: 07/24/1976 
Venue:  Georg Büchner-Schule 
Length: 13 Minutes 19 Secs. 
The Mado Songs, on poems by Magda Cârneci ("wheel, ruby and whirl"), for voice & ensemble by Carmen Maria Carneci
Performer:  Christian Dierstein (Marimba), Mateja Haller (), Walter Ifrim (),
Andrew Malcolm (), Christian Dierstein (Vibraphone)
Conductor:  Carmen Maria Carneci
Written: 1988 
Date of Recording: 08/11/1988 
Venue:  Georg Büchner-Schule 
Length: 7 Minutes 36 Secs. 
from fear of thunder, dreams, for ensemble by Robert HP Platz
Conductor:  Robert HP Platz
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Ensemble Köln
Written: 1987 
Date of Recording: 07/20/1990 
Venue:  Orangerie 
Length: 13 Minutes 21 Secs. 
Piano Concerto No. 3 by Michael Finnissy
Performer:  James Clapperton (Piano)
Conductor:  Michael Finnissy
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Ixion Ensemble
Written: 1978 
Date of Recording: 07/21/1990 
Venue:  Georg Büchner-Schule 
Length: 25 Minutes 3 Secs. 
A un moment de terre perdu, for chamber ensemble by Beat Furrer
Conductor:  Beat Furrer
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Klangforum Wien
Written: 1990 
Date of Recording: 07/28/1994 
Venue:  Orangerie 
Length: 14 Minutes 36 Secs. 
Orchestrion-Straat, for chamber ensemble by Mauricio Kagel
Conductor:  Mauricio Kagel
Orchestra/Ensemble:  musikFabrik
Period: Contemporary 
Written: circa 1996 
Date of Recording: 08/01/1996 
Venue:  Orangerie 
Length: 23 Minutes 49 Secs. 
Cruxification II, choral preludes (4) for large orchestra by Johannes Kalitzke
Conductor:  Johannes Kalitzke
Written: 1999 
Date of Recording: 07/14/2000 
Venue:  Kongress-Saal Luisencenter 
Length: 24 Minutes 22 Secs. 
Innere Spuren, for 3 solo wind players & chamber ensemble by Gerhard Müller-Hornbach
Conductor:  Gerhard Müller-Hornbach
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Mutare Ensemble
Written: 2002 
Date of Recording: 07/13/2002 
Venue:  Foyer EUMETSAT 
Length: 15 Minutes 46 Secs. 

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