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Golden Age Of Light Music - An Introduction

New Concert Orchestra / Krish
Release Date: 06/29/2004 
Label:  Guild   Catalog #: 5101   Spars Code: ADD 
Composer:  Robert FarnonSidney TorchWarrenDonald Phillips,   ... 
Performer:  Robert FarnonQueen's Hall Light OrchestraSidney TorchRay & His Orchestra Martin,   ... 
Conductor:  Robert FarnonSidney TorchRay MartinCharles Williams,   ... 
Number of Discs: 1 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 1 Hours 18 Mins. 

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Notes and Editorial Reviews

“Light Music isn’t just tuneful round the outside – it’s tuneful right through”. Those are the words of veteran British broadcaster Denis Norden, attempting to sum up in one simple sentence exactly what Light Music is. His observations probably come close to solving a riddle which has exercised the minds of music lovers for generations, because “Light Music” can mean different things to different people. The plain fact is that Light Music covers many varied aspects of music-making. Possibly in its purest form it is an original work by a composer who has chosen to specialize in this particular musical niche – names such as Eric Coates, Albert Ketelbey and Haydn Wood immediately spring to mind, although the “newer boys” like Robert Farnon, Read more David Rose, Leroy Anderson, Sidney Torch and Charles Williams have molded the traditional sounds of the early 20th century into a bright and tuneful style, thus ensuring that their work would be fully enjoyed as the century wore on. Often a convenient description is that Light Music is accessible, which is another way of saying that it can be enjoyed for what it is, although there is no denying the fact that much of the Light Music repertoire is expertly crafted and repays repeated listening. The fact is the term Light Music covers a lot of ground, but the two main requirements are that it should be tuneful and usually non-vocal. The collection of music on this CD is intended as an introduction to what many regard as the World of Light Music and yes, film music is often regarded as Light Music. (ADD MONO 78:23)

The Golden Age of Light Music - An Introduction
Robert FARNON Gateway To The West: Queen's Hall Light Orchestra/Robert Farnon, 1949
Sydney TORCH Going For A Ride: Sidney Torch And His Orchestra, 1950;
RODGERS and HART With A Song In My Heart: André Kostelanetz and His Orchestra, 1943
Jonny HEYKENS arr. Ron GOODWIN Heykens' Serenade: Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra, 1953
WARREN Martinique: Ray Martin and His Orchestra, 1951
Donald PHILLIPS Skyscraper Fantasy: Charles Williams and His Concert Orchestra, 1947
David ROSE Dance Of The Spanish Onion: David Rose and His Orchestra, 1944;
Harold ARLEN Johnny MERCER Out Of This World - theme from the film: Mantovani and His Orchestra, 1949
Robert BUSBY Eddie HURRAN Paris To Piccadilly: L'Orchestre Devereaux/Georges Devereaux, 1952
Charles ANCLIFFE Festive Days: London Promenade Orchestra/Walter Collins, 1946
Philip GREEN Ha'penny Breeze- theme from the film: Philip Green and His Orchestra, 1951
Morton GOULD Tropical: Morton Gould and His Orchestra, 1948
Edward WHITE Puffin' Billy: Danish State Radio Orchestra/Hubert Clifford, 1952
George MELACHRINO First Rhapsody: Melachrino Orchestra/George Melachrino, 1947
Frederick CHOPIN arr. Robert FARNON Fantasie Impromptu in C Sharp Minor: Kingsway SO/Camarata, 1948
Eric COATES London Bridge March: New Light Symphony Orchestra/Joseph Lewis, 1935;
Angela MORLEY Mock Turtles: Queen's Hall Light Orchestra/Robert Farnon, 1949
Edward MACDOWELL arr. Peter YORKE To A Wild Rose: Peter Yorke and His Concert Orchestra, 1948
Leroy ANDERSON Plink Plank Plunk!: Leroy Anderson and His 'Pops' Concert Orchestra, 1952
Arthur BENJAMIN arr. Percy FAITH Jamaican Rumba: Percy Faith and His Orchestra, 1952
Trevor DUNCAN Vision in Velvet: New Concert Orchestra/Jack Leon, 1950
Dolf VAN DER LINDEN Grand Canyon: Dolf Van Der Linden and His Metropole Orchestra, 1952
HART LAYMAN arr. Leon YOUNG Dancing Princess: Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra, 1953
Leo PETER Dainty Lady: Reginald King and His Light Orchestra, 1933
HAYDN WOOD Bandstand 'Frescoes' Suite New Concert Orchestra/Serge Krish, 1946; Recorded 1933-1953 The dates given refer to the release of the record and not the date of composition.

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Works on This Recording

Gateway to the West by Robert Farnon
Performer:  Robert Farnon (), Queen's Hall Light Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Robert Farnon
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1956; England 
Length: 2 Minutes 57 Secs. 
Going for a Ride by Sidney Torch
Performer:  Sidney Torch ()
Conductor:  Sidney Torch
Period: 20th Century 
Written: England 
Length: 2 Minutes 47 Secs. 
Martinique by Warren
Performer:  Ray & His Orchestra Martin ()
Conductor:  Ray Martin
Length: 3 Minutes 13 Secs. 
Skyscraper Fantasy by Donald Phillips
Performer:  , Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Charles Williams
Period: Modern 
Written: 1940 
Length: 3 Minutes 53 Secs. 
Dance of the Spanish Onion by David Rose
Performer:  David & His Orchestra Rose ()
Conductor:  David Rose
Period: Modern 
Written: Spain 
Length: 2 Minutes 53 Secs. 
Out of this world by Harold Arlen
Performer:  Annuncio Paolo Mantovani ()
Conductor:  Annuncio Paolo Mantovani
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1945; USA 
Length: 3 Minutes 6 Secs. 
Paris to Piccadilly: Paris to Piccadilly by Robert Busby
Conductor:  Georges Deveraux
Length: 3 Minutes 4 Secs. 
Festive Days by Charles Ancliffe
Performer:  London Promenade Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Walter Collins
Period: Modern 
Length: 3 Minutes 15 Secs. 
Ha'penny Breeze, film score: Theme by Philip Green
Conductor:  Philip Green
Written: 1950 
Length: 4 Minutes 10 Secs. 
Tropical by Morton Gould
Performer:  Morton & His Orchestra Gould ()
Conductor:  Morton Gould
Period: 20th Century 
Written: USA 
Length: 2 Minutes 28 Secs. 
First Rhapsody by George Melachrino
Performer:  George Melachrino (), Melachrino Orchestra ()
Conductor:  George Melachrino
Period: Modern 
Length: 4 Minutes 15 Secs. 
Impromptu for Piano no 4 in C sharp minor, B 87/Op. 66 "Fantaisie-Impromptu" by Frédéric Chopin
Performer:  Arthur Gleghorn (Flute), Arthur Gleghorn (), Reginald Kell (Clarinet),
Kingsway Symphony Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Toots Camarata
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1835; Paris, France 
Length: 3 Minutes 25 Secs. 
London Bridge March by Eric Coates
Performer:  Joseph Lewis ()
Conductor:  Joseph Lewis
Period: 20th Century 
Written: England 
Length: 3 Minutes 59 Secs. 
Mock Turtles by Angela Morley
Performer:  Robert Farnon (), Queen's Hall Light Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Robert Farnon
Period: Contemporary 
Length: 2 Minutes 14 Secs. 
Woodland Sketches, Op. 51: no 1, To a Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell
Conductor:  Peter Yorke
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1896; USA 
Length: 3 Minutes 21 Secs. 
Plink, Plank, Plunk! by Leroy Anderson
Performer:  Leroy & His Pops Concert Orchestra Anderson ()
Conductor:  Leroy Anderson
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1951; USA 
Length: 2 Minutes 24 Secs. 
Jamaican Rumba by Arthur Benjamin
Performer:  Percy & His Orchestra Faith ()
Conductor:  Leroy Anderson
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1938; England 
Length: 3 Minutes 7 Secs. 
Vision in Velvet by Trevor Duncan
Conductor:  Jack Leon
Period: Modern 
Length: 3 Minutes 14 Secs. 
Dancing Princess by Hart / Layman
Performer:  Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Frank Chacksfield
Length: 2 Minutes 15 Secs. 
Dainty Lady by Leo Peter
Conductor:  Reginald King
Length: 2 Minutes 43 Secs. 
Serenade by Jonny Heynkens
Conductor:  Ron Goodwin
Length: 2 Minutes 30 Secs. 
Puffin' Billy, for orchestra by Edward Little White
Performer:  Danish State Radio Orchestra ()
Conductor:  Hubert Clifford
Period: Modern 
Length: 3 Minutes 0 Secs. 
Riding into Happisness, for orchestra (Grand Canyon) by Dolf van der Linden
Conductor:  Dolf van der Linden
Length: 2 Minutes 33 Secs. 
Frescoes Suite, for orchestra: Bandstand by Haydn Wood
Conductor:  Serge Krish
Period: Modern 
Length: 3 Minutes 55 Secs. 
With a Song in My Heart, song (from "Spring Is Here") by Richard Rodgers
Performer:  Andre & His Orchestra Kostelanetz ()
Conductor:  Andre Kostelanetz
Period: Modern 
Written: United States of Ame 
Length: 3 Minutes 30 Secs. 

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