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Puccini: Tosca / Callas, Cioni, Gobbi, Cillario

Release Date: 11/04/2003 
Label:  Emi Classics   Catalog #: 62675   Spars Code: ADD 
Composer:  Giacomo Puccini
Performer:  David SellarRenato CioniVictor GodfreyRobert Bowman,   ... 
Conductor:  Carlo Felice Cillario
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Royal Opera House Covent Garden Orchestra
Number of Discs: 2 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 1 Hours 49 Mins. 

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This CD is reissued by ArkivMusic.

Notes and Editorial Reviews

In the early '60s, Maria Callas' mystique was in full bloom, but her career was in question, marred by frequent absences and cancellations. This 1964 production of Tosca was a triumph, however, showing her detractors that her voice was still intact, and reinforcing her fans' belief that she was the ideal diva -- brilliant of voice, and convincing on-stage. Tosca was the perfect role for Callas; she was the personification of the diva she played on-stage, and her acting brought an excitement to the part that few sopranos have equaled. This performance does show signs of vocal wear -- high passages have lost their bloom and taken on a slow wobble -- but it also has her more possessed of herself as an artist than she was even in her famous Read more performances from the 1950s. Her "Vissi d'arte" alone is enough to show her command of music and the stage. The sound quality is better than her live performances from Mexico. Even non-Callas fans will be interested in this Tosca, largely for the callous and magnetic Scarpia of Tito Gobbi, who is at his best here. Many baritones have brought bigger and more beautiful baritone voices to bear, but Gobbi had a special feel for this part -- how to realize a loathsome man in music while remaining real and human. Renato Cioni makes a good Cavaradossi, although not on the level of his co-stars. Carlo Felice Cillario's musical leadership is excellent, resulting in a much tidier and compelling orchestral sound than is found in many live recordings, especially from that era. This is probably not the right choice for a first or only Tosca, but fans of Callas, or just fans of the opera will find a lot to enjoy here.

-- Allen Schrott, AllMusic.com


This set includes the libretto in Italian and English. Read less

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Tosca by Giacomo Puccini
Performer:  David Sellar (Boy Alto), Renato Cioni (Tenor), Victor Godfrey (Bass),
Robert Bowman (Tenor), Eric Garrett (Bass), Dennis Wicks (Baritone),
Tito Gobbi (Baritone), Maria Callas (Soprano), Edgard Boniface (Baritone)
Conductor:  Carlo Felice Cillario
Orchestra/Ensemble:  Royal Opera House Covent Garden Orchestra
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1900; Italy 
Date of Recording: 1964 
Venue:  Live  Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London 
Language: Italian 

Sound Samples

Tosca, Act I: Ah! Finalmente! (Angelotti)
Tosca, Act I: E sempre lava! (Sagrestano)
Tosca, Act I: Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae (Sagrestano/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Dammi i colori! (Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Recondita harmonia (Cavaradossi/Sagrestano)
Tosca, Act I: Ma con quei cani di volterriani (Sagrestano/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Pieno č paniere (Sagrestano/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Gente lŕ dentro (Cavaradossi/Angelotti/Tosca)
Tosca, Act I: Mario! / Son qui! (Tosca/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Ora stammi a sentir (Tosca/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Non la sospiri la nostra casetta (Tosca/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Ora lasciami al lavoro (Cavaradossi/Tosca)
Tosca, Act I: Ah, quegli occhi! / Qual occhio al mondo (Tosca/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act I: Mia gelosa! (Cavaradossi/Tosca)
Tosca, Act I: Č buona mia Tosca (Cavaradossi/Tosca)
Tosca, Act I: Il cannon del castello!....Sommo giubilo, Eccelenza! (Cavaradossi/Angelotti/Sagrestano)
Tosca, Act I: Tutta qui la cantoria! Presto! (Sagrestano/Chierici, Confratelli, Allievi e Cantori della cappella)
Tosca, Act I: Un tal baccano in chiesa! (Scarpia/Sagrestano/Spoletta)
Tosca, Act I: Or tutto č chiaro (Scarpia/Tosca/Sagrestano)
Tosca, Act I: La corona! Lo stemma! (Tosca/Scarpia)
Tosca, Act I: Oh mio bel nido insozzato di fango! (Tosca/Scarpia)
Tosca, Act I: Tre sbirri, una carrozza (Scarpia/Spoletta/Chierici, Confratelli, Allievi, Cantori e Capitolo della cappella)
Tosca, Act II: Tosca č un buon falco! (Scarpia/Sciarrone)
Tosca, Act II: Ha piů forte sapore (Scarpia/Sciarrone)
Tosca, Act II: O galantuomo, com'ando la caccia? (Scarpia/Spoletta)
Tosca, Act II: Ch'io lo trassi in arresto (Spoletta/Scarpia/Coro interno/Cavaradossi/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Dov'č Angelotti? (Scarpia/Cavaradossi/Spoletta/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Pria le forme ordinarie (Scarpia)
Tosca, Act II: Ed or fra noi parliamo da buoni amici (Scarpia/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Sciarrone: che dice il Cavalier? (Scarpia/Sciarrone/Tosca/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act II: Orsů, Tosca, parlate (Scarpia/Tosca/Cavaradossi/Spoletta/Sciarrone)
Tosca, Act II: Floria / Amore (Cavaradossi/Tosca/Scarpia/Sciarrone)
Tosca, Act II: Nel pozzo del giardino. Va, Spoletta! (Scarpia/Cavaradossi/Tosca/Sciarrone)
Tosca, Act II: L'alba vindice appar (Cavaradossi/Tosca/Sciarrone)
Tosca, Act II: La povera mia cena fu interrotta (Scarpia)
Tosca, Act II: Quanto?....Il prezzo (Tosca/Scarpia)
Tosca, Act II: Se la giurata fede debbo tradir....Giŕ mi struggea l'amor (Scarpia/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Come tu m'odii! (Scarpia/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Vissi d'arte (Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Risolvi?....Vedi...le man giunte io stendo a te (Scarpia/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Chi č lŕ? (Scarpia/Spoletta/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Io tenni la promessa (Scarpia/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Tosca, finalmente mia! (Scarpia/Tosca)
Tosca, Act II: Or gli perdono! (Tosca)
Tosca, Act III: [Orchestra]
Tosca, Act III: Io de'sospiri (Un Pastore)
Tosca, Act III: [Orchestra]
Tosca, Act III: [Orchestra]...Mario Cavaradossi? (Carceriere)
Tosca, Act III: Vi resta un'ora (Carceriere/Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act III: [Orchestra]
Tosca, Act III: E lucevan le stelle (Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act III: [Orchestra]...Ah! Franchigia e Floria Tosca (Cavaradossi/Tosca)
Tosca, Act III: Il tuo sangue o il mio amore volea (Tosca)
Tosca, Act III: O dolci mani mansuete pure (Cavaradossi)
Tosca, Act III: Senti, l'ora č vicina (Tosca)
Tosca, Act III: Amaro sol per te m'era il morire (Cavaradossi/Tosca)
Tosca, Act III: E non giungono (Tosca/Cavaradossi/Carceriere)
Tosca, Act III: Come č lunga l'attesa! (Tosca)
Tosca, Act III: Presto, su! Mario! (Tosca/Spoletta/Sciarrone/Soldati)

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