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J. Demessieux: Pieces Pour Orgue

Pierre Labric
Release Date: 09/20/2010 
Label:  Solstice Records   Catalog #: 269  
Number of Discs: 1 
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Notes and Editorial Reviews

Recorded privately ?and without the slightest bit of editing? at the great organ of Notre-Dame de Paris 40 years ago, this homage paid to Jeanne Demessieux by one of her most brilliant students ?and a faithful, unconditional friend? brings together her major works. This recording was waiting to be made available to the public one day or another. That is now the case! François Carbou

Jeanne Demessieux (1921 - 1968)

Performer: Pierre Labric

Track Listing:

Six Etudes op. 5 (1944)
1. I. Pointes
2. II. Tierces
3. III. Sixtes
4. IV. Accords alternes
5. V. Notes repetees
6. VI. Octaves

Meditations sur le Saint-Espirit op. 6
Read more (1945-6)
7. Meditation no. 2 'Les Eaux'
8. Meditation no. 7 'Lumiere'

Triptyque op. 7 (1947)
9. I. Prelude
10. II. Adagio
11. III. Fugue

Chorals-Preludes op. 8 (1947)
12. Choral-Prelude no. 3 'Attende Domine'

13. Te Deum op. 11 (1957-8)

Pierre Labric
14. Hommage a Jeanne Demessieux (mvt. I)

Timing: 62.35 Read less

Sound Samples

6 Etudes, Op. 5: No. 1. Pointes
6 Etudes, Op. 5: No. 2. Tierces
6 Etudes, Op. 5: No. 3. Sixtes
6 Etudes, Op. 5: No. 4. Accords alternes
6 Etudes, Op. 5: No. 5. Notes repetees
6 Etudes, Op. 5: No. 6. Octaves
7 Meditations sur le Saint-Esprit, Op. 6: No. 2. Les Eaux
7 Meditations sur le Saint-Esprit, Op. 6: No. 7. Lumiere
Triptyque, Op. 7: I. Prelude
Triptyque, Op. 7: II. Adagio
Triptyque, Op. 7: III. Fugue
12 Chorale Preludes on Gregorian Themes Op. 8: No. 3. Attende Domine
Te Deum, Op. 11
Hommage a Jeanne Demessieux

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