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A Bride's Guide To Wedding Music

Release Date: 02/19/2002 
Label:  Naxos   Catalog #: 8503134   Spars Code: n/a 
Composer:  Johann Sebastian BachAntonio VivaldiFranz LisztGeorge Frideric Handel,   ... 
Number of Discs: 3 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 3 Hours 43 Mins. 

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Notes and Editorial Reviews

Includes waltz(es) by Johannes Brahms.
Includes work(s) by various composers.
Includes waltz(es) by Johannes Brahms.
Includes work(s) by various composers. Read less

Works on This Recording

Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV 147: Jesu bleibet meine Freude "Jesu, joy of man's desiring" by Johann Sebastian Bach
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1723; Leipzig, Germany 
Length: 3 Minutes 44 Secs. 
Concerto for Violin in F minor, Op. 8 no 4/RV 297 "L'inverno": 2nd movement, Largo by Antonio Vivaldi
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1725; Venice, Italy 
Length: 2 Minutes 20 Secs. 
Suite for Orchestra no 3 in D major, BWV 1068: Air by Johann Sebastian Bach
Period: Baroque 
Written: circa 1729-1731; Leipzig, Germany 
Length: 5 Minutes 11 Secs. 
Liebesträume for Piano, S 541: Excerpt(s) by Franz Liszt
Period: Romantic 
Written: circa 1850; Weimar, Germany 
Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd!, BWV 208 "Hunt Cantata": Schafe können sicher weiden by Johann Sebastian Bach
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1713; Cöthen, Germany 
Length: 5 Minutes 10 Secs. 
Samson, HWV 57: Let the bright Seraphim by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: by 1743; London, England 
Length: 5 Minutes 23 Secs. 
Language: English 
Messiah, HWV 56: Pastoral Symphony "Pifa" by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1742; London, England 
Length: 3 Minutes 4 Secs. 
Quintet for 2 Violins, Viola and 2 Cellos in E major, Op. 11 no 5/G 275: 3rd movement, Minuet in A by Luigi Boccherini
Period: Classical 
Written: 1771; Spain 
Length: 3 Minutes 26 Secs. 
Notes: This minuet, listed in Boccherini's autograph catalog as part of Opus 11,
was also published, and is known popularly, as part of Opus 13. 
Songs (6), Op. 34: no 2, Auf Flügeln des Gesanges by Felix Mendelssohn
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1836; Germany 
Length: 4 Minutes 34 Secs. 
Liebesträume for Piano, S 541: no 3, O Lieb, so lang by Franz Liszt
Period: Romantic 
Written: circa 1850; Weimar, Germany 
Length: 3 Minutes 41 Secs. 
Songs (14), Op. 34: no 14, Vocalise by Sergei Rachmaninov
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1912-1915; Russia 
Length: 7 Minutes 8 Secs. 
Notes: Composition written: Russia (1912 - 1915). 
Suite bergamasque: 3rd movement, Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1890/1905; France 
Length: 5 Minutes 44 Secs. 
Gymnopédies (3) for Piano: no 1, Lent et douloureux by Erik Satie
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1888; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 59 Secs. 
Orfeo ed Euridice: Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Christoph W. Gluck
Period: Classical 
Written: 1762/1774; Vienna, Austria 
Length: 4 Minutes 43 Secs. 
Arabesques (2) for Piano: no 1 in E major, Andante con moto by Claude Debussy
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1888-1891; France 
Length: 4 Minutes 11 Secs. 
Carmen: Act 3 Prelude "Intermezzo" by Georges Bizet
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1873-1874; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 28 Secs. 
Prélude ŕ l'aprčs-midi d'un faune by Claude Debussy
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1892-1894; France 
Length: 1 Minutes 57 Secs. 
Notes: Composition written: France (1892 - 1894). 
Lohengrin: Treulich geführt "Bridal Chorus" by Richard Wagner
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1847; Germany 
Length: 2 Minutes 6 Secs. 
Suite in D major: Prince of Denmark's March "Trumpet Voluntary" by Jeremiah Clarke
Period: Baroque 
Written: England 
Length: 2 Minutes 26 Secs. 
Canzoni et sonate (21): Canzon V a 7 by Giovanni Gabrieli
Period: Renaissance 
Written: Venice, Italy 
Length: 2 Minutes 49 Secs. 
Te Deum in D major, H 146: Prelude by Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Period: Baroque 
Written: circa ?1690; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 21 Secs. 
Trumpet Tune in D major by Henry Purcell
Period: Baroque 
Written: England 
Length: 1 Minutes 18 Secs. 
Pictures at an exhibition: Promenade by Modest Mussorgsky
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1874; Russia 
Length: 1 Minutes 53 Secs. 
Canon and Gigue for 3 Violins and Basso Continuo in D major by Johann Pachelbel
Period: Baroque 
Written: Germany 
Length: 4 Minutes 43 Secs. 
Serse, HWV 40: Ombra mai fu "Largo" by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1738; London, England 
Length: 3 Minutes 39 Secs. 
Chamber Concerto for Lute and 2 Violins in D major, RV 93: 2nd movement, Largo by Antonio Vivaldi
Period: Baroque 
Length: 4 Minutes 36 Secs. 
Water Music Suite no 1 in F major, HWV 348: no 6, Air by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: circa 1715-1717; London, England 
Length: 1 Minutes 58 Secs. 
Woodland Sketches, Op. 51: no 1, To a Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1896; USA 
Length: 1 Minutes 24 Secs. 
Sonata for Piano no 8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Pathétique": 2nd movement, Adagio cantabile by Ludwig van Beethoven
Period: Classical 
Written: 1797-1798; Vienna, Austria 
Length: 4 Minutes 41 Secs. 
Concerto for Trumpet in D major: Adagio by Johann Melchior Molter
Period: Baroque 
Written: 18th Century; Germany 
Length: 5 Minutes 14 Secs. 
Ave Maria by Charles Gounod
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1859; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 41 Secs. 
Notes: This work is based on J.S. Bach's Prelude no 1 in C from 'The Well-Tempered Clavier.' 
Ellens Gesang III, D 839/Op. 52 no 6 "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1825; Vienna, Austria 
Length: 4 Minutes 48 Secs. 
Panis angelicus by César Franck
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1872; France 
Length: 3 Minutes 56 Secs. 
Requiem, Op. 48: Pie Jesu by Gabriel Fauré
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1888 rev 1893; France 
Length: 3 Minutes 26 Secs. 
Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, Op. 43 by Sergei Rachmaninov
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1934; USA 
Length: 2 Minutes 54 Secs. 
Romances (3) for Oboe and Piano, Op. 94: no 2 in A major, Einfach, innig by Robert Schumann
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1849; Germany 
Length: 3 Minutes 57 Secs. 
Thaďs: Meditation by Jules Massenet
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1894; France 
Length: 5 Minutes 14 Secs. 
Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 61: Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1842; Germany 
Length: 6 Minutes 8 Secs. 
Concerto for 2 Trumpets in C major, RV 537: Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi
Period: Baroque 
Written: Venice, Italy 
Length: 3 Minutes 20 Secs. 
Concerto for Trumpet in D major, TV 51 no D 7: 4th movement, Allegro by Georg Philipp Telemann
Period: Baroque 
Written: circa 1708-1714; Eisenach, Germany 
Length: 1 Minutes 59 Secs. 
Concerto for Violin in E major, Op. 8 no 1/RV 269 "Primavera": 1st movement, Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi
Period: Baroque 
Written: circa 1725; Venice, Italy 
Length: 3 Minutes 29 Secs. 
Concerto for Trumpet in B flat major: Allegro by Georg Philipp Telemann
Period: Baroque 
Length: 2 Minutes 47 Secs. 
Concerti grossi (12), Op. 6: no 7 in B flat major, HWV 325: Hornpipe by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1739; London, England 
Length: 2 Minutes 31 Secs. 
Brandenburg Concerto no 4 in G major, BWV 1049: 1st movement, Allegro by Johann Sebastian Bach
Period: Baroque 
Written: circa 1720; ?Cöthen, Germany 
Length: 6 Minutes 20 Secs. 
Solomon, HWV 67: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: by 1749; London, England 
Length: 3 Minutes 23 Secs. 
Quintet for Piano and Strings in E flat major, Op. 44: Excerpt(s) by Robert Schumann
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1842; Germany 
Length: 7 Minutes 6 Secs. 
Symphony for Organ no 5 in f minor, Op. 42 no 1: 5th movement, Toccata by Charles-Marie Widor
Period: Romantic 
Written: ?1880; Paris, France 
Length: 6 Minutes 9 Secs. 
Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, BWV 51: no 5, Alleluia, Alleluia by Johann Sebastian Bach
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1730; Leipzig, Germany 
Length: 4 Minutes 34 Secs. 
Exsultate jubilate, K 165 (158a): Alleluia by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Period: Classical 
Written: 1773; Milan, Italy 
Length: 2 Minutes 42 Secs. 
Water Music, HWV 348-350: Hornpipe by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1715/1736; London, England 
Length: 2 Minutes 32 Secs. 
Variations for Flute and Piano in E major on Rossini's "Non piu mesta", B 9 by Frédéric Chopin
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1824; Poland 
Length: 5 Minutes 5 Secs. 
Sicilienne for Cello and Piano, Op. 78 by Gabriel Fauré
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1898; France 
Length: 3 Minutes 36 Secs. 
Les contes d'Hoffmann: Barcarolle by Jacques Offenbach
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1881; Paris, France 
Length: 2 Minutes 9 Secs. 
Berceuse for Violin and Piano in D major, Op. 16 by Gabriel Fauré
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1878-1879; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 49 Secs. 
Carnival of the animals: no 13, The swan by Camille Saint-Saëns
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1886; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 42 Secs. 
Waltzes (16) for Piano 4 hands, Op. 39: no 15 in A flat major by Johannes Brahms
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1865; Austria 
Length: 1 Minutes 17 Secs. 
Notes: Transcribed: Johannes Brahms (1865) 
Lyric Pieces (6), Book 8, Op. 65: no 6, Wedding day at Trolhaugen by Edvard Grieg
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1897; Norway 
Length: 1 Minutes 47 Secs. 
Notes: Orchestrated: Edvard Grieg 
Salut d'amour, Op. 12 by Sir Edward Elgar
Period: Romantic 
Written: 1888/1889; England 
Length: 3 Minutes 24 Secs. 
Pičces nouvelles (12) for Organ: no 3, Toccata in G minor by Théodore Dubois
Period: Romantic 
Written: by 1886; France 
Length: 2 Minutes 26 Secs. 
Coronation March "Crown Imperial" by Sir William Walton
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1937; England 
Length: 1 Minutes 48 Secs. 
Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351 by George Frideric Handel
Period: Baroque 
Written: 1749; London, England 
Length: 8 Minutes 7 Secs. 

Sound Samples

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, BWV 147
The 4 Seasons: Violin Concerto in F minor, Op. 8, No. 4, RV 297, "L'inverno" (Winter): II. Largo
Overture (Suite) No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068: Air on a G String, BWV 1068
Sonata a 5: in D major: I. Andante
Sheep May Safely Graze, BWV 208
Samson, HWV 57: Act III: Let the Bright Seraphim
Messiah, HWV 56: Messiah: Pastoral Symphony
String Quintet in E major, Op. 11, No. 5, G. 275: String Quintet in E Major, G. 275: III. Minuetto
Mendelssohn - Lieder, S547/R217 (7 Lieder from Mendelssohn, Op, 19a, 34, 47): Mendelssohn - Auf Flugeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song) (from Op. 34, No. 2), S547/R217, No. 1
Liebestraume, S541/R211: No. 3. Nocturne in A flat major
14 Songs, Op. 34 (arr. Z. Kocsis): Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 (arr. for piano solo by Z. Kocsis)
Suite bergamasque: III. Clair de lune
3 Gymnopedies (arr. for flute and harp): Gymnopedie No. 1 (arr. for flute and harp)
Orfeo ed Euridice (arr. for flute and harp): Orfeo ed Euridice: Dance of the Blessed Spirits (arr. for flute and harp)
2 Arabesques (arr. for flute and harp): Arabesque No. 1 (arr. for flute and harp)
Carmen (arr. for flute and harp): Carmen: Entr'acte to Act III (arr. for flute and harp)
Salut d'amour, Op. 12: Salut d'amour
Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune: Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faun
Lohengrin: Act III: Wedding March (arr. for organ)
Suite in D major: Trumpet Voluntary
Music for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351: I. Overture
Canzoni et sonate: Canzon V
Te Deum, H. 146 (arr. for organ): Te Deum, H. 146: Prelude (arr. for organ)
The Indian Queen, Z. 630: Trumpet Tune: Trumpet Tune
Pictures at an Exhibition (orch. M. Ravel): Pictures at an Exhibition: Promenade (arr. for orchestra)
Canon and Gigue: Canon in D major
Serse (Xerxes), HWV 40: Act I: Ombra mai fu, "Largo"
Chamber Concerto in D major, RV 93 (arr. G. Garcia): Lute Concerto in D major, RV 93: II. Largo (solo trans. G. Garcia for guitar)
Water Music: Suite No. 1in F major, HWV 348: Water Music: Suite No. 1 in F major, HWV 348: VI. Air
Woodland Sketches, Op. 51: No. 1: To a Wild Rose
Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13, "Pathetique": Adagio cantabile
Trumpet Concerto No. 1 in D major: II. Adagio
Ave Maria: Ave maria
Ellen's Gesang III (Ave Maria!), Op. 56, No. 6, D. 839, "Hymne an die Jungfrau"
Panis angelicus: Panis Angelicus
Requiem, Op. 48: Pie Jesu
Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, Op. 43 (arr. F. Kreisler): Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
3 Romanzen, Op. 94 (arr. F. Kreisler): Romance, Op. 94, No. 2 (arr. F. Kreisler for violin and piano)
Thais (arr. M. P. Marsick): Thais, Act II: Meditation (arr. M.P. Marsick)

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