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Grieg: Piano Music Vol 6 - Norwegian Melodies Nos 64 To 117

Release Date: 12/12/1995 
Label:  Naxos   Catalog #: 8553392   Spars Code: DDD 
Composer:  Edvard Grieg
Performer:  Einar Steen-Nökleberg
Number of Discs: 1 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 1 Hours 1 Mins. 

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Includes transcription(s) by Edvard Grieg. Soloist: Einar Steen-Nökleberg. Includes transcription(s) by Edvard Grieg. Soloist: Einar Steen-Nökleberg. Read less

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Transcription(s) by Edvard Grieg
Performer:  Einar Steen-Nökleberg (Clavichord), Einar Steen-Nökleberg (Piano), Einar Steen-Nökleberg (Organ),
Einar Steen-Nökleberg (Harmonium)
Period: Romantic 
Written: Norway 
Date of Recording: 3/1994 
Venue:  Norwegian State Academy of Music, Oslo 

Sound Samples

Norway's Melodies: 64. Sigrid, a Delightful Child (From: 'To the Mountain Farm')
Norway's Melodies: 65. Improvised Poem from Vegaardhejen, (Oh, Ola, Ola, My Very Own Child), (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 66. Fetching the Water, Fetching the Logs (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 67. The Siren's Call (Leaves of Summer and the Saddle)
Norway's Melodies: 68. The King's Song (God Bless Our Good King)
Norway's Melodies: 69. Serenade at the Beach (The Cottage is Closed)
Norway's Melodies: 70. The Tree (The Tree Stood Ready)
Norway's Melodies: 71. Thoughts of My Thoughts
Norway's Melodies: 72. The Bridal Dance
Norway's Melodies: 73. The Student's Song (The Fresh Wind and the Mild Air), (From: 'The Fresh Wind and the Mild Air)
Norway's Melodies: 74. Springdans from Bergen (Folk Dance)
Norway's Melodies: 75. To the Mountain Farm
Norway's Melodies: 76. The Buds in Spring Time (Where the Woods are Young and Fresh)
Norway's Melodies: 77. Aftermath of the Sun (To the Mountains Under the Fir Trees on the Slope)
Norway's Melodies: 78. The National Song for the Young Lads (We are a United Nation)
Norway's Melodies: 79. Sight of England (Shining Thither in the West)
Norway's Melodies: 80. To My Gillyflower (Gillyflower, Before Your Blossoms Wither)
Norway's Melodies: 81. Halling from Aamot (Folk Dance)
Norway's Melodies: 82. Shepherding My Nanny-Goat Named Tulla (Folk Song from Hitterdalen)
Norway's Melodies: 83. To Sweden (Look Thither, Side by Side the Baltic Sea)
Norway's Melodies: 84. The Ogre (I Put My Ear to the Fountain's Source)
Norway's Melodies: 85. The Calling Tunes (There Flies a Bird)
Norway's Melodies: 86. Such a Beautiful Sunny Day
Norway's Melodies: 87. Mountain Song from Valdres
Norway's Melodies: 88. Ole's Proposal (And Once it Came to Ole's Mind), (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 89. Improvised Folk Verse (Oh! Do You Want Me to Sing)
Norway's Melodies: 90. Wandering in the Forest (My Sweet Bride)
Norway's Melodies: 91. Folk Dance
Norway's Melodies: 92. The Shepherd's Life (When Maidaagaa Calls)
Norway's Melodies: 93. A Song to the Flag (Look! Hovering there, the Angel of Peace)
Norway's Melodies: 94. Song from the Valley (It Is My Soul, My Spirit)
Norway's Melodies: 95. Two Brown Eyes
Norway's Melodies: 96. Springdans from Tin (Folk Dance)
Norway's Melodies: 97. The Norseman's Song (Among all the Countries)
Norway's Melodies: 98. How I Would Love to Have a Sweetheart
Norway's Melodies: 99. And I'm Looking at You (From: 'The Mountain Farm')
Norway's Melodies: 100. Ellan and the Siren (A Tired Lad), (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 101. The Pathfinder Sings (From the Valley to the Mountain)
Norway's Melodies: 102. The Tune (Little Boy in the Big Forest)
Norway's Melodies: 103. The Autumn Song (The Winged Flock)
Norway's Melodies: 104. Racing Clouds
Norway's Melodies: 105. A Lonely Moment
Norway's Melodies: 106. Barefoot Magnus (My First Word of Greatness)
Norway's Melodies: 107. The Song (Sing Only in the Springtime of Youth)
Norway's Melodies: 108a. When the Sun Shows the Way to Rest
Norway's Melodies: 108b. The Traveler's Song (Hear the Call), (Folk Melody)
Norway's Melodies: 109. Astri, My Astri (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 110. I Laid Me Down to Rest Too Early (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 111. Longings (To Sleep Was the Impossible)
Norway's Melodies: 112. The Backwards Verse (I Saddled My Boot), (Folk Song)
Norway's Melodies: 113. Serenade to Welhaven (Listen Thee to the Singer)
Norway's Melodies: 114. Taylor's Song (Every Happy Moment You Receive)
Norway's Melodies: 115. Dance of the Giants. From Valdres
Norway's Melodies: 116. The Craftsmen's Union (Now Brothers, Sing Out Loudly)
Norway's Melodies: 117. Amidst the Storm (The Storm is Raging)

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