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Travessa Da Espera / Dancas Ocultas

Dancas Ocultas (Quartet Of Diatonic Accordions)
Label:  L'empreinte Digitale   Catalog #: 13140  
Number of Discs: 1 
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Notes and Editorial Reviews

Agueda, a small town 60 km. from Porto. Nothing had marked it out for fame, other than it was the traditional tourist route, a place offering a warm welcome, with vinho verde and a gentle climate. But for a few seasons now this tranquil atmosphere has been somewhat shattered by one of the most exciting musical adventures of the moment. Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Francisco Miguel, set off on their journey, with their diatonic accordions strung across their shoulder; they scored a hit in all their concert venues and delighted audiences everywhere. The gentle nostalgia of this quartet felt through their blend of fado and original compositions cannot fail to haunt you with its special charm. yet this is not merely folk Read more music in the traditional sense, it's modern, up-to the minute, contemporary in every sense of the word. A myriad inspirations here - classical music, popular themes, religious subjects, their music is part of the landscape and hovers between earth and sky. Each tune is an invitation to set out on a new adventure, to travel far away, to let oneself go with the four winds. But the music is always gentle, never seeking to impress or impose by virtuosic strokes. The movements of the instrument are like full, deep breaths, delicately strung together. This group will help to put the accordion - 'the poor man's piano' on the map, it's writing yet another chapter in the renewal of the Portuguese music scene that is taking place so energetically at the moment. These four natives of Agueda who constitute Danças Ocultas are at the cutting edge of the musical scene in their home country - clear-cut evidence of their modernity shines through every time they play. Yet when we listen to their music we recognize it, it's a music we already carry in our innermost self, it recalls a long-lost memory somewhere, some time....Is this was Saudade means>? Without being quite so specific, you could say we already loved this music before we heard it... Read less

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