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What Is ArkivMusic Streaming?

ArkivMusic Streaming offers the best way yet to listen to a huge classical music library. Rather than looking through shelves crowded with CDs, you can easily navigate our Streaming site to find the exact classical piece you want to hear. You can even find the exact recording of that piece, listen to it now, and save it to a playlist to enjoy again later. We also make it easy to explore music similar to what you already like, or to carve out a path that's new to you. In short, we've brought the convenience of streaming music to the classical listener. (NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, ArkivMusic Streaming is available to US customers only.)

Playing Music

ArkivMusic Streaming begins with the red Play button.

All over the ArkivMusic site, you will see red Play buttons. The Play buttons will appear next to work names as well as on album covers, allowing you to choose just what you want to hear.

As a subscriber to ArkivMusic Streaming, whenever you click on one of these buttons, the streaming player will appear at the bottom of your browser window, and music will begin to play.

The music in ArkivMusic Streaming is divided into tracks, just as on a physical album. If you are listening to a symphony, for example, each movement will most likely be in a separate track. When you press a Play button, you will hear the first track of whatever you have chosen to play. If you have chosen to play an album, for example, the album will play continuously track by track.

You can click on the name of any track in the tracklist to play that track. If you click on the album cover or album title to the left of the tracklist, you will be taken to that album's page to learn more about the album.

Finding Music

The Streaming Navigation Bar

Use the Streaming navigation bar across the top of the page to browse for music, either by categories such as Eras or Types of Music or with our alphabetical drilldowns for composers, performers, conductors, and ensembles. If you wander off to another part of the ArkivMusic site, just click on the Streaming tab at the top of every page to get back to our Streaming section.

Work Lists

A feature common to most of our Streaming pages is a list of works related to that page. Everything in a work list is clickable -- categories, composers, performers, and more. If you click on the work name, you will be taken to a page listing available recordings for that work. If a work has a down arrow on the right, clicking it will show or hide all the movements of that work.

The Streaming Search Box

You can also search ArkivMusic Streaming using the keyword search box above the Streaming tab. Our search results page delivers top related works, albums, composers, performers, and ensembles.

NOTE: "Search Streaming" is the default search when you are in the Streaming section of the site. If you go to another section of ArkivMusic, you can still search Streaming by choosing that option in the search box menu.


Playlists are collections of tracks you can save for playback later. Playlists are made by clicking on the multi-function button. This button appears whenever your cursor hovers over a work.

Access and edit all your playlists from the My Playlists link in the Streaming navigation bar. You can make as many playlists as you like and organize your dream classical collection.

Now that you know how to use ArkivMusic Streaming, why not take it for a spin? With a world of classical music literally at your fingertips, this is truly a classical music lover's dream come true.

NOTE: ArkivMusic Streaming plays MP3 files with a set bit rate of 320 kilobits per second (kbps).