ArkivMusic to Release Latest CD Collaboration with Canadian Brass, Echo: Glory of Gabrieli


CD pre-release begins September 11th through a special promotion with ArkivMusic and Ticketmaster


Canadian Brass, called "the world's leading brass ensemble" by the Washington Post, has recorded a new CD of music for single, double and triple brass choirs and organ called Echo: Glory of Gabrieli.  Although the official release date is October 6th, Canadian Brass fans can purchase it in advance of the general public – along with tickets to the popular ensemble's holiday concerts in New York and Boston – through a special pre-sale promotion with Ticketmaster and ArkivMusic, The Source for Classical Musicª (  For details, visit

Echo: Glory of Gabrieli is the third collaboration between Canadian Brass and ArkivMusic, following Christmas Tradition and Manhattan Music. The ensemble brings its trademark virtuosity and artistic passion to antiphonal brass music by Giovanni Gabrieli, Claudio Monteverdi and Samuel Scheidt, composers of the late Renaissance and early Baroque. The album's title salutes Gabrieli, who was organist at the famous Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice at the turn of the seventeeth century, and one of the first to compose music specifically for brass instruments and brass choirs.  On Echo, Canadian Brass makes these works sound as fresh and entertaining as when they were first heard four hundred years ago.

"As a former brass player, I have always been in awe of Canadian Brass," said ArkivMusic President, Eric Feidner.  "With this new Gabrieli CD, as with our previous collaborations, we are indulging our passion for the glorious brass sound.  We are thrilled to be working with this ensemble again, and to be sharing some extraordinary and irresistible music-making with the world." 


"Most Gabrieli-era recordings are blast fests," commented Canadian Brass founding member Chuck Daellenbach on the making of Echo. "Fun to be part of, but not that wonderful to listen to, and certainly not authentic.  When we started this project, I urged all participants, starting with the adapters/arrangers, to exercise intelligent authenticity.  Simply stated, I wanted a result that took advantage of modern instruments without sacrificing the musical intent of the composers. Consequently, we observed as best we could, the scholarship that abounds regarding this period, and combined it with the advances in instrument quality, performer standards and of course state-of-the-art recording techniques."


Now in its fortieth season, Canadian Brass continues to be hailed for creating irresistibly entertaining concerts and recordings for music lovers of all stripes, backgrounds and musical tastes, anchored by the ensemble's technical precision and polished tone.  Whether Canadian Brass is performing classical music, jazz, show tunes or contemporary music, the ensemble attracts legions of fans with its dazzling, joyous music-making.

Echo: Glory of Gabrieli is on the Canadian Brass's own label, Opening Day (ODR 7380).  Available exclusively in the U.S. through ArkivMusic, the official release date of the CD is October 6th.  But beginning September 11th, the disc can be purchased as part of a special promotional bundle from ArkivMusic and Ticketmaster when customers buy tickets to Canadian Brass's holiday concerts at New York's Town Hall on December 13th and Boston's Berklee Performance Center on December 20th.  Tickets for these concerts go on sale to the general public on September 19th.  For information, visit



Tuesday, December 1, 2009 – Green Bay, WI

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 – Pittsfield, MA

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 – Englewood, NJ

Thursday, December 10, 2009 – Shippensburg, PA

Friday, December 11, 2009 - Charlottesville, VA

Saturday, December 12, 2009 - Fairfax, VA

Sunday, December 13, 2009 –New York, NY (Town Hall)

Monday, December 14, 2009 - Wilmington, DE

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - Burlington, VT

Friday, December 18, 2009 - Lebanon, NH

Sunday, December 20, 2009 - Boston, MA (Berklee Performance Center)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - Toronto, ON

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - Toronto, ON




Echo: Glory of Gabrieli

Label: Opening Day (ODR 7380)

Canadian Brass, Echo Brass, Eric Robertson, Organ                                   


TRACK LISTING                                                          

1   Echo                                                           Samuel Scheidt/arr. Eric Robertson

2   Canzon septimi toni                                    Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Eric Robertson

3   Sonata pian e forte                                    Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Eric Robertson

4-14   Suite from L'Orfeo                                Claudio Monteverdi/arr. Brandon Ridenour

15   Canzon primi toni                          Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Eric Robertson

16   Canzona da sonar II                                 Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. John Serry

17   Canzon in double echo                            Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Howard Cable

18   Canzona da sonar IV                               Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Graeme Page

19   Canzon septimi e octavi toni                    Giovanni Gabrieli/arr. Howard Cable


For more information and to hear samples from Echo: Glory of Gabrieli, visit 


About Canadian Brass 

Now in its 40th year, Canadian Brass has entertained millions of music lovers around the globe with recordings and concerts. The members of the internationally acclaimed ensemble have always followed their hearts, performing and recording the music they love, regardless of its genre of origin.  Whether rooted in classical, opera, jazz, or pop, the musicians tackle their chosen compositions with a potent combination of enthusiasm and technical virtuosity. The current official lineup of Canadian Brass comprises co-founder and tuba maestro Chuck Daellenbach, co-founder and trombonist Gene Watts, French horn player Jeff Nelsen, and trumpeters Brandon Ridenour and Christopher Coletti.  For more information, visit



About ArkivMusic:

ArkivMusic – The Source for Classical Musicª ( is an online retailer of classical music focused on offering a vast selection of classical titles through an intuitive interface and a decentralized distribution platform.  Since opening its online store in February 2002, ArkivMusic has built the largest selection of classical music recordings in the U.S., with access to over 90,000 titles from over 1,500 labels shipped from 20 distribution centers.  Formats include CD, DVD, SACD, DVD Audio, Blu-ray discs and MP3 downloads (320 Kbps).  In keeping with its mission of preservation, promotion, and efficient distribution of classical music, ArkivMusic's innovative production-on-demand ArkivCD program allows consumers to find and purchase out-of-print recordings alongside the in-print catalog.


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            September 11, 2009

Q & A with the Top Brass of Canadian Brass, Chuck Daellenbach


The tuba player and co-founder of Canadian Brass talks about the ensemble's new recording, Echo: Glory of Gabrieli, made in collaboration with ArkivMusic.



Q:  Echo: Glory of Gabrieli is your newest CD in an incredible discography of over seventy recordings that Canadian Brass has amassed over forty years.  What's the appeal of Gabrieli for you?


Chuck:  The concept of recording Gabrieli is ever present amongst brass players -- we trace our roots to this composer, who is reputed to be the first to suggest instruments "per sonare" as opposed to "toccare" ["per sonare" meaning "to be sounded", which suggests brass-style instruments, and "toccare" meaning "tap" or "pluck", which suggests strings].   In the CD notes, Joe Szurly suggests that it was also a feature of expediency to use brass instruments in Gabrieli's church since one horn can produce the volume of sound that several singers would.


Q:  Gabrieli was an organist at the famous St. Mark's Basilica in Venice back at the turn of the seventeenth century.  How did your Toronto location factor into the recording of this disc? 


Chuck:  We chose our church and organ carefully for this project.  The Christ Church Deer Park Church is resonant but not huge, and the organ is a 'period' organ (not old itself, but built in the old style), authentic to the point of non-mechanized stops.  The blend between the organ and brass is one that we are very proud of.


It has not gone unnoticed by us and our producers that most Gabrieli-era recordings are blast fests: fun to be part of, but not that wonderful to listen to, and certainly not authentic.  When we started this project, I urged all participants, starting with the adapters/arrangers, to exercise intelligent authenticity.  Simply stated, I wanted a result that took advantage of modern instruments without sacrificing the musical intent of the composers. Consequently, we observed as best we could, the scholarship that abounds regarding this period, and combined it with the advances in instrument quality, performer standards and of course state-of-the-art recording techniques.


Q: The three composers on the disc were, through their music, bridges from the Renaissance to the Baroque periods. Yet today, 400 years later, their music still sounds so fresh and appealing!


Chuck: It is my opinion that if Gabrieli, Scheidt and Monteverdi -- the most celebrated composers of their time -- were transported to our day, they would be the film, television and recording writers of the first rank.  They excelled in the entertainment field around them.  Fortunately for people of any faith, the church represented the best opportunity for skilled, creative writers to ply their craft. Today this has given us, as followers of classical music, untold volumes of wonderful music to study and perform.


Q:  What can you tell us about the musical selections on the recording? 


Chuck:  What I have tried to represent in the selection of titles for this CD is the many facets of late Renaissance, early Baroque music.  Who can deny the sense of amusement in the Scheidt Echo piece? This is a great composer having a private delight in the concept of a simple echo, ricocheting off the church walls.


Gabrieli on the other hand is employing the obvious (to us now) effect of placing instrumentalists in the various locations of the cross in his church.  All of Gabrieli's music includes a figured bass part, giving us the idea that he apparently always left himself, as an organist, the option of playing along.  Or perhaps he was giving the brass players the option of playing along with him! Either way, it gives us a lot of latitude to employ the organ as an integral part of our scores. 


Q: Who were your collaborators?  How did you produce all those richocheting echos?


Chuck: Canadian Brass is fortunate to have a large pool of world-class performers to bring together for a project such as this.  The Echo works of course needed more than just the five core members of the Brass, so we added several players that are part of our 'dream team' philosophy of performers.  Manon LeFrance and Joe Burgstaller are part of the trumpet dream team, often performing with Canadian Brass on stage.  Meanwhile Austin Hitchcock (a close relative of Alfred!) and Zackary Bond (may be related to JamesÉ) have been part of our Music Academy of the West summer program.  


Organist and arranger Eric Robertson is a well-known figure in the international music scene, having produced dozens of recording projects, soloed in one of the most successful TV-campaign piano collections ever and serves as music director and organist at Christ Church Deer Park in Toronto.  He is also featured on our Christmas Tradition CD, which we recorded in collaboration with ArkivMusic two years ago.  




Echo: Glory of Gabrieli, the newest CD from Canadian Brass, will be released on October 6th, but it is available beginning September 11th through a special pre-release ticket & CD promotion with ArkivMusic and Ticketmaster, in conjunction with the popular ensemble's holiday concerts in New York (Dec. 13th) and Boston (Dec. 20th).  For more information, visit  

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