February 7, 2008



ArkivCD Program Tops 5,000 Titles in January

ArkivMusic, the online classical music retailer, has reissued over 5,000 formerly out-of-print recordings

BRYN MAWR, Pa.: Extending its "Long Tail" approach to Internet retailing, ArkivMusic, The Source for Classical MusicTM ( hit a milestone in January for the company's acclaimed ArkivCD reissue program, bringing the total number of classical recordings it has rescued from the vaults to over 5,000 titles. The program features formerly out-of-print recordings from over two dozen labels -- including all four major label groups -- produced "on demand" as ArkivCDs. As of this week, there are 5,159 ArkivCD titles in ArkivMusic's extensive database of over 82,000 classical CDs, DVDs, DVD-Audios, and SACDs.

"Superb classical CDs are unfortunately withdrawn from the marketplace for non-artistic reasons," said ArkivMusic's President, Eric Feidner.  "Through the ArkivCD program, we are restoring the catalogs of hundreds of excellent artists and ensembles and helping to preserve their recorded history."

Among the traditional "Big Five" American orchestras, ArkivMusic to date has reissued 77 titles from the Philadelphia Orchestra, 68 from the Chicago Symphony, 61 from the Boston Symphony, 49 from the Cleveland Orchestra, and 35 from the New York Philharmonic. 27 CDs in the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra's prized Deutsche Grammophon catalog are back in circulation, along with 28 Los Angeles Philharmonic and 22 San Francisco Symphony discs. "The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is deleted no more," wrote Pittsburgh Post-Gazette critic Andrew Druckenbrod about its now 27 newly-available titles.

ArkivMusic manufactures these discs using just-in-time systems for producing, packaging, and shipping recordings. All music and packaging elements, including liner notes for select titles, are produced at the time a customer places an online order.

Feidner continued, "The industry has changed so much through label consolidation and staff turnovers that many labels aren't sure what's in circulation and what's not. For the Metropolitan Opera's new production of Philip Glass's Satyagraha this spring, we took it upon ourselves to bring back the Sony recording, which was the only one in the catalog."

A gem among recent ArkivCD releases is James Levine's traversal of the Brahms symphonies with the Vienna Philharmonic, which was never released as a set in the United States. ClassicsToday raved, "This is unquestionably the finest complete Brahms cycle from Vienna, a surprising fact when you consider how many times the orchestra has recorded these works, and with whom."

Jon Feidner, ArkivMusic's General Manager, noted, "We also have the number one record on Alex Ross's list," referring to the New Yorker critic's best-selling book, The Rest Is Noise. "Levine's DG recording of Berg, Webern, and Schoenberg -- one of the greatest recordings of these seminal works of the 20th century -- has been out of print until now."

The ArkivCD program is an example of what Wired's Chris Anderson has dubbed "The Long Tail," where the business of the future is selling less of more. As one of the largest retailers of classical recordings in the world, ArkivMusic offers these previously unavailable recordings alongside a complete selection of practically every classical recording currently in print.

"The site of choice for many collectors is, which prides itself on being devoted only to classical music," wrote Anthony Tommasini in The New York Times.


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ArkivMusic -- The Source for Classical MusicTM ( is an online retailer of classical music focused on offering a vast selection of classical titles through an intuitive interface and a decentralized distribution platform. Since opening its online store in February 2002, ArkivMusic has built the largest selection of classical music recordings in the U.S., with access to over 82,000 titles from over 1,500 labels shipped from 20 distribution centers. In keeping with its mission of preservation, promotion, and efficient distribution of classical music, ArkivMusic's innovative production-on-demand ArkivCD program allows consumers to find and purchase out-of-print recordings alongside the in-print catalog.

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